Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Whole30 -- Day 9

Hi friends!

"I don't always sit in ridiculous positions, but when I do, I go all out."
You've been begging for I've been dying to show you a crazy-cat-lady picture, so I succumbed did. You can thank me later.

Like yesterday, today was super busy, and I am about ready to crash.

(This whole "better sleeping" thing is my favorite part of all about the Whole30, but wow, I am tired around bed time. It's crazy what happens when your internal clock gets a hold of you, huh?)

School was surprisingly busy today, especially given the fact that I am not necessarily doing a whole lot since I have a fabulous student teacher. After school, I treated myself to a manicure:

I feel like I'm throwing up a gang sign. But no: it's
just super-awkward show-off-the-nails hand pose.
As soon as I got home, I cleaned up a bit in the kitchen (finished dishes from last night, scrubbed the crock pot, etc.) and then cooked dinner.

Then, my work-boyfriend and I decided to head to the sub-state basketball game to support our kiddos:

I need to figure out how to look at the camera during selfies. Ugh.
It was a really, really good game from what Work-Boyfriend and I saw, but we left halfway through the fourth quarter.

And, it turns out we lost. Bummer.


Like I predicted yesterday, I again made the Sweet & Savory Blueberry Tortilla for breakfast. (Obviously mine is a little more "scrambled" than "tortilla." I get impatient, what can I say?) Again, it was delicious.

However, I have been really hungry today (and I kind of was yesterday, too), and I almost think it's because of my breakfast. While it has quite a bit of protein, it does not have any vegetables, which is a huge Whole30 no-no. If I make this again, I'm going to have to add a salad or something because wow: growling tummy = no bueno.


This is not a very pretty picture: my apologies.
Today, I ate leftover Korean Short Ribs and veggies for lunch. Just like last night, it was super delicious -- so delicious, in fact, that one of my students stole some broccoli from me and was pretty darn impressed. I also ate an apple.


Chili-Garlic Shrimp & Spicy Broccoli
(and a random cucumber)
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite meals for two reasons: first, it is really tasty, and second, it is really fast and easy.

I have been getting a little sick of veggies lately because I am eating so many of them at every single meal, but I have quickly learned that if I saute them and douse them in crushed red pepper, they're delicious.


Like I said, I have been super hungry today. I have consumed plenty of water, and both lunch and dinner were whole, nutritious meals. (Breakfast was nutritious, but I'm not considering it "whole" since I was missing veggies.)

So, I ate some macadamia nuts about an hour ago, just so that my stomach would stop growling. While I'm still a bit hungry, I'm going to chug down some more water before bed and hope that satiates me until tomorrow's breakfast -- when I will eat eggs, sausage, and loads and loads of veggies.

'Til tomorrow, friends!

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  1. Your cat looks just like mine! I'm going to have to try the blueberry tortilla. It looks delicious. Also, what nail place would you recommend in Des Moines? My nails never look that good.

    1. Hi Kristin! The blueberry tortilla is great -- you'll have to let me know how you like it! My favorite nail place closed, but I've been going to Four Seasons in Windsor Heights the last few times. Suzanne (I think is her name) is really, really good!

    2. I'm making the tortilla this weekend. Thanks for the nail salon rec I have a hard time finding one I really like even though there are a ton in Des Moines.