Thursday, March 6, 2014

Whole30 -- Day 11

Even though I spent all day thinking it was Friday, today was a good day. :)

As soon as I walked outside after work, I knew that I simply had to get out for a run:

It was suddenly not sub-zero temperatures and instead was beautiful!

After dropping off some necessities to BFF who is super sick, I headed home and changed into my running tights, a tank-top, and a lightweight pull-over. It was quite a bit chilly to start, but I warmed up as soon as I got going.

It was a super slow run, even for me, but it felt good to get out there. (I should probably say that I did about 75% running and 25% walking. I was pretty proud of how I broke up the running/walking, simply selecting a point to get to -- and not changing my mind once I reached that point.) The air was super cold and hurt my lungs, especially at first, and my ankles kept locking up for some reason (likely because I haven't worked out in, oh, forever).

Other than that, though, I felt good.

The trail was fairly decent, but there were some major puddles to cross (i.e. stomp through the mud and snow in order to avoid ankle-deep water), as evidenced by my shoes:

But again, it was much better than last time, and next time will be much better than this time -- weather-wise and physicality-wise.

Now, a few hours after the run, I'm feeling a bit sore. Weird. :)

Breakfast: Same old, same old. Sorry, no picture. I did, however, add jalapeno to the mix this morning, and it was amazing. It wasn't spicy at all, but the flavor was killer.

Lunch: Since I threw away the rest of the beef and broccoli from last night, I brought the rest of my leftover chili from Sunday. It was just as good today as it was then, but I brought too big a serving and ended up giving some of it to a student who has quickly become my shadow. (Seriously, this girl despised me when she was placed in my class in the middle of first semester, and she pretty much acted like she hated me until about a month ago. Since then she has been attached at my hip, coming in during lunch, which is right before her class, sitting next to me at my desk, telling me that I need to have kids so that she can have "nieces and nephews," etc. She cracks me up.)

Snack: After my run I grabbed a small handful of macadamia nuts. Whole30 recommends eating protein and fat pre-workout and protein and carbs post-workout. However, I'm assuming those are the recommended meals for "hard-core" athletes, and I'm thinking my sloooooooooow run did not necessarily require a whole lot of extra fuel. So, I simply had some macadamia nuts about 30 minutes post-run.


Tonight's dinner was great: Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp on top of leftover cauliflower "rice" (my new favorite dish), with a side of roasted Brussels sprouts. The flavors in this dish were to die for. My only complaint it that there was too much sauce (a whole can of coconut milk!) and not enough "rice" leftover. :)

I will definitely be making this again -- soon.

Physically: I am feeling pretty good, but right now I have a pretty killer headache. It's only come on in the last 1-2 hours, and I'm wondering if perhaps I did not fuel correctly for my workout after all. I think it'll be a trial and error period on that front, but I may be taking some Ibuprofen until I figure it out.

Sleep was much better last night. I was worried since I went to bed quite a bit later than usual, but I ended up falling asleep fairly easily, slept through the night, and woke up raring to go when my alarm went off the cat started yelling in my ear.

Emotionally: I'm doing great! I may even stop logging emotions since I never have anything new to report!

Cravings: I'm not craving anything today. There was a split second a while ago where I thought it'd be nice to have a piece of bread (like, banana bread or something, not sandwich bread), but that thought went away pretty much immediately. I do miss sweets (more specifically, candy) a little bit, but it's not like I'm dying without it or even thinking about it at all.

The only thing that was semi-difficult today was not chewing gum while I ran. I always chew gum when I workout, so this will be a new adventure for me. But, like this entire Whole30 thing, I'm ready for it. :)

"See" y'all tomorrow!

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