Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Whole30 -- Day 10

When I ran ten miles for the first time in my life, it felt like the most amazing accomplishment in the world. I mean, double digits!

Today, friends, marks double digits in Emmy's Whole30 universe: I have made it ten days!

And it was a busy tenth day! While I have a student teacher who's full-time teaching now and therefore have not had much to do, today I spent a huge chunk of time analyzing students' grades and contacting parents and pretty much zero time doing nothing. After work, I ran to the grocery store for a couple of last-minute veggies, came home and did some dishes, snoozed on the couch for about 30 minutes, and cooked dinner. Then it was off to bowling, where I bowled my second highest game ever (171 -- amazing, I know). And finally, I just got off the phone with my most favorite sister-in-law after a wonderful, much-needed chat.

Because it was a busy day and past my bedtime already, let's get down to the nitty-gritty:


Gosh, that breakfast looks sooooooo different than it does every single day! :) I cooked up a chicken sausage, sauteed mushrooms and green pepper, scrambled two eggs, and topped it all with half an avocado and a dump of salsa.

Lunch: Today I ate leftover chili-garlic shrimp and broccoli and also ate half an avocado (gotta get that fat somewhere) and an apple. It was kind of a random, rushed lunch due to some things going on at school.

Side note: today we had a really cool ceremony at school. Each teacher nominated a student who had made great progress first semester, whether that was in academics, behavior, social skills, etc. These students were not necessarily the kids with the highest grade point averages or the fewest referrals. Rather, they were kids who worked their little tails off and showed great character.

I need to figure out how to better edit photos.
Also, I look like a crazy person.
It was really, really neat, and my student was so sweet: you could just tell how excited and proud she was to be there. I adore her to pieces.


This was the first meal I've made that was not wonderful. However, I think it was my fault more than the recipe's. I made Asian Beef with Broccoli on top of Cauliflower Rice. First, the cauliflower rice was delicious, and I will definitely be making that again. The beef, however, was not good. I really enjoyed the flavor, but I couldn't even chew the meat. I ate about half the serving that I had doled out for myself and called it good. I don't know if the meat was too "done" or if it was simply a bad cut of meat (although I'm not sure what cut I grabbed) or what, but it was not my favorite meal.

It sucks to throw out food, but this meal is going in the garbage.

Physically: I'm still feeling really, really good. I feel like I'm starting to look a bit different, albeit likely just to myself. I think that my face looks thinner and that my legs feel tighter (which is weird since I haven't worked out at all). My skin could still use some improvement, but it's hard to discern whether that's from something internally or externally (hello, dry winter air).

The only bad thing is that I did not sleep super well last night, and I think that's because I ate (that handful of macadamia nuts) kind of late in the evening. I couldn't fall asleep, I woke up a couple of times, and I was exhausted when my alarm went off. Hopefully tonight is better, especially since I'll be going to sleep a bit later than normal.

Emotionally: I'm great! I have nothing to complain about in this regard. I have not been irritable at all today.

Cravings: Today was quite a test: the aforementioned ceremony also included an ice cream social. Now, generally "ice cream socials" at school include kind of gross little ice cream cups, so I was not at all worried about temptation today. However, today's ice-cream social was different: our PTA brought in an assortment of ice cream and toppings with which we could all make legit ice cream sundaes.


Ice cream is pretty much one of my all-time favorite foods.

It was really, really, really tempting to get some ice cream. But, as I'm sure you can guess, I did not stray from Whole30 and instead went upstairs after the ceremony and "enjoyed" my shrimp, broccoli, avocado, and apple.

But man, that ice cream sure did look good.

Good night, friends!

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