Saturday, March 1, 2014

Whole30 -- Day 6

Happy (snowy -- yet again) Saturday, everyone!

I hope your weekend is off to a great start. My day has been jam-packed full of fun.

First, I went to see Dallas Buyers Club with one of my besties, MB. Wow. That movie was crazy good. Go see it -- now.

Second, I went on a date -- my first first date in a couple of years. We met for a drink (soda water w/ lime for me!) and then went to a really cool show. He surprised me by already having bought tickets, so that was super cool. He was a really nice guy, but he almost seemed like a good buddy rather than something romantic. We'll see.

Apparently I've been gone too much lately, as the cats have been swarming non-stop when I'm home. For instance, this was this morning:

"Excuse me while I sniff my sister's butt."
I had to move my legs just to get the photo since they were each curled around one of my legs. They're super comfortable creatures, let me tell you.

(It had been a while without a cat picture, and I'm sure you were all dying to see Chloe and Charlie. Wait no more, friends.)

Now let's get down to Whole30 business:


This was probably the best breakfast I've made yet, likely because I had all the time in the world (thank you, weekend) to make it. I cooked a chicken sausage in the oven, which was much easier than cooking it on the stove like I have been doing. While that was cooking, I dumped a bunch of random vegetables (mushrooms, spinach, leftover roasted sweet peppers) in a frying pan with some ghee. I then scrambled all of that with two eggs. When all was said and done, I mixed everything together and topped it with half an avocado and salsa.

Seriously: so good, so filling, so healthy.

Lunch: Breakfast was so filling, in fact, that I did not have lunch. This is where today gets a bit tricky: I ate breakfast around 10:00. I woke up at 8:00, so I probably should've eaten sooner, but I just wasn't hungry right away. I went to the movie at 2:00, so I definitely wasn't hungry for lunch before that. Instead, I brought a chopped apple, some macadamia nuts, and a La Croix to the movie. I figured that killed two birds with one stone: I ate "lunch" (albeit without much protein at all) and had a snack (sans popcorn and soda) during the movie.

That is probably the closest to a "mistake" I've made on Whole30 thus far. I feel like eating during a movie is totally a psychological move to me, so therefore, I should not eat during a movie to end that habit. However, I don't think it was a full "mistake" because I should've been eating lunch during the time I was at the movie.

Dinner: For dinner, I ate a few leftovers from last night: coconut-crusted chicken and roasted sweet potatoes. I know I didn't eat enough, however. One of my best friends from forever (elementary through college and beyond) called, and since I hadn't talked to her in as long as I can remember, I pretty much stopped eating to chat -- and then I headed out on my date.

While Whole30 does not encourage counting calories, macros, or anything else, I am pretty sure I did not eat enough today. Interestingly, though, I'm not hungry at all, so I'm pretty much not going to worry about it. Tomorrow's another day.

Physically: Let's talk about sleep for a minute. I generally do not sleep well at night; I didn't realize that I didn't sleep well until one night where I took NyQuil or something and realized that I slept ridiculously well and didn't wake up the usual 1,000 times. Ever since I started Whole30, I have slept SO WELL. I have gone to sleep early (around 9:30 or 10:00 most nights), have woken up around 5:00 when a certain girl kitty goes crazy for some reason, and then have slept until my alarm goes off. Last night, I crashed on the couch around 9:30 (because I'm super cool) and woke up at 8:00, pretty much ready to jump out of bed. It was crazy how good I felt.

I still have that lingering headache, however, and it's pretty bad. I think that is my one symptom of "carb flu." While I am obviously not eating any grains whatsoever, I am eating an apple every single day and at least one sweet potato most days. I'm trying to keep some carbs circulating in my system, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I'm hoping Ibuprofen is Whole30-approved, as I'm about to pop some of those pills and crash.

Emotionally: I'm good! I really, really like how I'm physically feeling on Whole30, and I think that translates to how I'm feeling emotionally. I'm also really proud of myself for sticking with something that could potentially be quite challenging, like for bringing healthy and compliant food and beverage to the movie, for ordering a soda water with lime, etc.

Cravings: NADA. Movie-theater popcorn is seriously one of my favorite foods, and even though MB was eating it right next to me (after apologizing profusely), I didn't even give it a second thought. I am doing so well.

Good night, friends!

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