Monday, March 17, 2014

Whole30 -- Day 22

Hello from hOmaha!

I have absolutely zero plans for spring break, so I decided to head to my parents' house for a few days. So far (and as usual), it has been wonderful.

Let's start with this morning, though; it was a bit interesting.


I've noticed over the past couple of days that my car has been making a weird noise, specifically when I turn and accelerate. When I went to the grocery store yesterday, it was especially loud. I texted The Boy, hoping he --and his automotive skills -- could help me out. He responded later in the evening and thought it was something with power steering, which is also what Google told me, and offered to take a look at it. Unfortunately, I was heading out of town, so that wasn't going to work.

This morning, I woke up at 7:00 and called Smart Honda, the dealership where I bought the car and where I have had it serviced ever since, and they could get me in...on Thursday. So, I then called Midas (on MLK and Ingersoll, for all you locals), and they told me to bring it down whenever. I threw on some yoga pants instead of the boxers I was sleeping in, put on a sports bra underneath the tank I had slept in, and (I think) brushed my teeth and put on some deodorant.

After checking out what the heck could be wrong with my car, they deduced that it had no oil in it.

Um, say what?!

Last I heard, oil was kind of important to a car, oh, functioning.

I just got my oil changed in December, and according to the little sticker I make them put in my window to remind me, I still had 2,000 miles and/or two months to go. Awesome.

First, Midas generously filled my car with oil -- without charging me. This is the second time they have saved me and my car -- for free. (The first was when I had the privilege of purchasing was forced to buy four brand-new tires the day after Christmas and got back to Des Moines to find one completely flat. The tire place had forgotten to tighten the air valve...or something. Midas fixed it for free.)

Seriously, if you ever need work done in Des Moines, please head to Rich and team at Midas on MLK and Ingersoll. You will not be disappointed.

When I called Smart Honda about the no-oil-in-my-car issue, they were not at all apologetic and basically just said, "Well, you need to get oil changes more often. We put five quarts in your car in December." Right. I will not be returning to you, especially since Midas quoted me hundreds of dollars less on the things you said my car "needs."

:::END RANT:::

After I got my car fixed, I was ready and rarin' to go for the day. I came home, cooked breakfast, blogged a bit, got ready, gave myself a much-needed pedi, packed, etc.

I drove the two hours to Omaha, and passed a lot of this:

It's crazy how big those windmill blades are when you pass them on the interstate. I know it's gotta be physics (or something that I don't really understand -- F=MA?), but I am still baffled as to how those things stay upright.

Side note: I think that whenever there is something super weird being carted down the interstate, it should be a law that there's also a sign that says, "This is a _____________. It does ______________." I'm just too darn curious.

Pretty much right when I got to Omaha, my mom and I headed to Zorinksy Lake to walk (quickly) a 4.3-mile lap.

Check out my mom's blog -- and tell her to write more often.
It was a really pretty day, but damn: it was a bit windy. I could barely hear my mom at times due to focusing all of my attention on not getting blown off the path.

Also, I discovered that speed-walking uses much different muscles than running. Holy soreness (I'm looking at you, Quads and Shins).

On our way home, I "saved" a dog. This is about par for the course with me, as I used to "save" a lot of neighborhood cats. (That is, I saw a cat -- or today, a dog -- wandering around and returned it to its rightful owner.)

Then, my mama and I cooked dinner. She was so sweet and asked me yesterday what kind of food she should have on hand, told me her ideas for dinners, etc. It was really, really thoughtful (since this whole "diet" is a bit crazy and strict to anyone not in the middle of it), and I really, really appreciate it.

Now, my mom, dad, and I are watching Dancing With the Stars and are all three on our laptops and/or iPads. #yaytechnology


Today I sauteed my normal veggies (green pepper, mushroom, and jalapeno) and then added a handful-ish of leftover carnitas and two eggs before topping with salsa and avocado. This was a filling breakfast, and I only ate about three-fourths of it in the morning.

Lunch: Pretty much right before heading out the door to Omaha, I ate the last few bites of my breakfast. On the road I snacked on my lunch-time apple. It wasn't really much of an entire lunch, but it tided me over...

...until I ate an Apple Pie Larabar for my pre-run fuel. (This turned out to be a really good idea, and I believe this will be my new pre-workout snack.

Can you see those ingredients? Dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon -- all Whole30-approved. While it is probably too many carbs and not enough protein according to Whole30 standards, it worked for me, so that's what I'm going to go with.


Seriously, I kind of want to eat this again...right now. Well, I would want to eat it again right now if I wasn't still absolutely full from eating it about two-and-a-half hours ago.

My mom cooked a filet for each of us: crusted it in salt and seared it on the stove prior to sticking it in the oven. It was perfect. She also warmed sweet potatoes, and I put some coconut oil on mine, which was absolutely delicious. Finally, I made Iowa Girl Eats' kale salad (again). This makes it the fourth time I've eaten it in the last four days. It's that good, y'all.

Well, friends, I'm off to enjoy the evening with my parents and, let's be real, fall asleep in about 10 minutes. I hope you all had a wonderful St. Paddy's Day, preferably by enjoying a green beer for me.

Emmy circa 2012

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  1. Sorry about your car, Em! Glad you found someone honest and they fixed it. I'm not a dealership fan either when it comes to those things. We will be in the big O on Friday- how long are you staying?