Sunday, March 2, 2014

Whole30 -- Day 7

One week down!

I'm super proud of myself, but I also feel a bit funny saying that since it hasn't been all that difficult. Seriously, I have not been dying for ice cream or fro-yo (shockingly), tacos, Sour Patch Kids, or pasta. I have not even been tempted by wine. Who am I?!

It's late. But had I gone to bed at my normal time, I would've missed this:

(Because I'm sure you haven't seen it yet...)
Because it's late, though, let's get down to business (and hope the Oscars are over by the time I'm done writing so that I can go to bed).


Aside from fried eggs instead of scrambled, this looks quite similar to how it normally does, huh? I popped another chicken sausage (Applegate Farms' Chicken and Apple Sausage) in the oven, and while that was baking, I sauteed a sweet potato with a yellow pepper, and a handful of mushrooms. I then fried a couple of eggs and cut up half an avocado and threw it all together.

It was too much, though. So...


...I ate the rest for lunch!

Because I had eaten all of the protein for breakfast, I cooked up some more eggs while I reheated the leftover pepper-mushroom-avocado mixture and then topped it all with a healthy plop of salsa.

This meal never gets old.


I actually ate a snack today, but it was only because I didn't have fruit for lunch. Mid-afternoon, I ate an apple with some macadamia nuts. (I wasn't super hungry, but Whole30 suggests always pairing carbs with protein and fat, so I ate a few and called it good.)


Tonight was yet another new recipe, but unfortunately, it did not photograph well:

Perhaps it's the negative bazillion degree temperatures we've been having, but I was really craving chili. I came across this recipe for Habanero Chili by My Heart Beets and knew this was the one. (I couldn't find habaneros at Trader Joe's, though, so I nixed those and threw in three jalapenos instead.)

While it is one ugly picture, it is one delicious dish.

I also ate some celery as a measly side dish -- and drank a grapefruit La Croix for my "social" drink during the Academy Awards.

Now, though, the last couple awards are winding up, so I am going to sign off and hit the hay as soon as the credits roll. I am wiped.

Peace out!

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