Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Today, I am linking up with The Good Life BlogHello! HappinessCarolina Charm, and A. Liz Adventures for "Five on Friday." Get ready for five totally random thoughts to come at you.


According to these blog stats (which I only halfway know how to read and analyze), it looks like I have a lot of new friends: from Twitter, from Instagram, from Pinterest, from Holly's blog, from Facebook, from random corners of the World Wide Web, etc. That makes me so happy (I thrive on validation)! Thank you for stopping by!

If you could swing by the comment section -- either here or on Facebook -- and introduce yourself, tell me about your blog/Twitter/Instagram/whatev, I would be forever grateful!


Have I mentioned yet that I am running two half marathons and a 75-mile relay race in May? (Only a million times, Emmy. We don't need to hear anymore.) I am super pumped to be running again, and while I haven't stuck to my training schedule 100% (damn winter), it's been pretty awesome and feels so good to get back into it, and I'm actually feeling fairly confident that I'll actually be able to pull this off.

Check with me again in May, though.


For most of the spring breaks I've had as an adult, I've traveled somewhere awesome: Key West, Daytona Beach, the Bahamas, etc. (Pro of being a teacher: spring, winter, and summer break. Con of being a teacher: you never really leave high school.) This year, while Omaha was obviously amazing, I did not travel to the tropics.

I just really, really want to be here right now:



I really, really like coffee mugs. There are two that I usually drink out of: a purple one from BFF and a bunny one I bought from World Market. Both fit just the right amount of coffee, and each feels good (heavy-ish) in my hand.

I really, really want one of these coffee mugs from Ashley Brook Designs:

They crack me up. I think I'd start every day with a giggle if I used one of these.


You know what one of the hardest things about this Whole30 gig has been? Going to Omaha and not eating at a couple of my favorite restaurants:

Runza is a local fast-food chain that serves the best sandwiches: handmade dough stuffed with ground beef, cheese, cabbage, spices, onions; shoved in the oven; served piping hot. They also have the best crinkle-cut fries. We didn't really eat at Runza often (at all) when we were younger, so I'm not sure why I love them so much now. But, I do, and I tend to get a Runza every time I'm in town.

Except this time.

Zio's is the best pizza in town. Usually when we go (which is every time I'm in Omaha), I order two slices of Thai pizza. The slices are huuuuuuuuuge and so ridiculously tasty. They are so good, in fact, that I'm surprised I haven't had any Whole30 food dreams about them.

I'm kind of salivating just thinking about Zio's now, actually.

I told you it would be random today: blog visitors, race entries, spring break, coffee mugs, and greasy restaurants. It sure doesn't get much more unrelated than that!

I hope you all have a lovely Friday! "See" you this evening!

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  1. I have been eyeing those ABD mugs for a LONG time now too!! They are so cute! Just found your blog through the blog hop, new follower here!

    1. Alisha, we should probably just buy those mugs already... Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Randomly saw this recipe for Thai Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes on Paleo blog I follow - not sure if it's Whole30 compliant, but perhaps and option for the Thai pizza you missed out on :)

    1. OMG, Traci. Thank you so much for that recipe -- it looks delicious! I'd have to make a few substitutions, but it'd be totally manageable. THANK YOU!

  3. I definitely have a mug addiction. It's so hard to turn a cute one down! And wow, seriously impressed with your upcoming races! I'm definitely not a runner but do have a 5k on my bucket list :) Happy Sunday!

    1. I need more mugs in my life! :) Do you know what 5k you're running yet? It's a super fun distance! I hope you're having a fantastic weekend!