Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

Today, I am linking up with The Good Life BlogHello! HappinessCarolina Charm, and A. Liz Adventures for "Five on Friday." Get ready for five totally random thoughts to come at you.


It's Spring Break! Turn up! (I don't even know what this means, but I feel like it must be cool if all the kids are saying it.)

While I have had some crazy awesome spring breaks (Daytona Beach, Key West, a cruise to the Bahamas), and while I would love to be heading somewhere warm for the next ten days, I am also very much looking forward to a nice, relaxing week at home.


I have a date on Wednesday. 

No, my date is not with Jim Gaffigan, but we will be hanging out with him!

One of my coworker's former student teachers messaged me and asked if I would be interested in meeting a couple of her guy friends. Obviously, I said duh yes please.) On Wednesday, I am going with her, her husband, her sister and brother-in-law, and Guy Number One to Jim Gaffigan.

Side note: I think that Jim Gaffigan is hilarious. I'm super pumped to see him -- and to see KG and to meet this eligible bachelor.


I have had a great student teacher this semester. However, she has what is called a "split placement," which means that she was with me for half the semester and heads to another classroom for the second half.

Student teachers are interesting. If they are really good (like Evelyn), they are not a lot of work at all: she observes for a bit, we co-teach for a bit, and then she takes over, leaving me bored out of my mind. If student teachers are not good (which I have also definitely experienced in the past), they are so much work, leaving me thinking that I never want to take on another student teacher.

Like I said, Evelyn was great. The last few weeks have been a nice break for me, but I've also been quite bored. It'll be nice (after a lovely, relaxing, ten-day break, of course) to get back into the swing of things.


I bought a Groupon for a 12-week boot camp (it was only $99, and I couldn't resist). As soon as my Farrell's membership runs out (provided I start that up again after spring break as planned), I will be attending classes at Max T3 in downtown Des Moines.

I think it's a lot like Max Life Fitness and Nutrition, which I started in January 2012. In fact, I believe some of the coaches are even the same. I loved Max Life, as it was something different everyday and focused on strength and cardio in a unique way. I'm pumped to start Max T3 this summer -- and love that it's just down the road from my apartment.


One of my students -- who is now more like family, my sister -- graduated from high school in December and started college this spring. She texted me yesterday with a picture of her midterm grades:

To say I am proud of her is an understatement. When I got her message this morning, I was grinning ear to ear, showing everyone and anyone who would pay attention to me.

For more information on why this was such a big deal, check out the entry that I submitted to Mama Laughlin's Pay It Forward movement -- my student's story in her own words.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday! "See" you tonight! :)

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