Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Whole30 -- Day 30

It felt so weird to type in that title. Whole30 -- Day 30. That means that after today, I am technically done with this challenge.

And, I did it.

(Well, unless I face-plant into a pint of Ben & Jerry's after I publish this, that is.)

I will post a more comprehensive wrap-up of the challenge tomorrow morning, but I wanted to stick with the format I've been using for the past 30 days for this post.

Before I get to that, though, I have to share two funny social media things:

First, last night I was scrolling through photos on Instagram, and let's be real: most of the people I follow post loads of pics of food. That's why I follow them. So, I got to one picture, and I was like, "Hmm, that looks good!" Yeah. It was my picture. Awesome.

Second, this morning, I got an email from Twitter to the handle I have set up (but don't use) for this blog: "Do you know Emily Bollinger?" Why yes, yes I do.

Clearly I am easily entertained.

Okay, now here's the (boring) rundown of today!

My alarm went off at 6:10 a.m., but I definitely hit snooze a few times: I think the effects of not sleeping at all Sunday night finally hit me today.

I. was. wiped.

But, the day went well overall. First, I got to school and had two super awesome things waiting for me. First, one of my besties sent me a very colorful, very bold, very large-font email:

I don't know if you can read the subject, but it cracked me up,
which is why I left it on there, even though it made the
screenshot off-center: "dirty thirty."
Second, my mom posted on my Facebook page, then my sister-in-law commented on it, and then another friend "liked" it:

Have I told you how much I like need validation? (That's a whole separate "let's-do-therapy" post.)

But now, back to the rest of my day:

My former principal's daughter came to observe my class today, which was really cool. I absolutely adore my former principal and consider her my "mom" in Des Moines, and I love her daughter as well (they have pretty much the exact same relationship my mom and I do), so it was nice hanging out with her -- even though it was during school -- for a bit today.

After school, we had our first informational meeting for See-Us Run Des Moines, the running group that I have been a part of for the last three years. I'm super excited to get started this year and am trying to coerce as many of my students as possible to run a marathon. :)

When the kiddos left, I hung around with Cindy, the founder of the group, and chatted. I absolutely adore her and wish we hung out more. She started Whole30 yesterday, so we had a bunch to talk about.

Then, I headed straight to Dahl's. I only had a few cans of La Croix left, and I didn't want to run out.

I think I need to join La Croix Anonymous.

"My name is Emily, and I have a problem."
When I got home, I Facetimed my sister-in-law and nephew. Brody, at three-months-old, was more interested in Sports Center than his favorite aunt. Typical guy, I guess. Whatever, Brods.

I'm probably going to crash fairly early tonight, as I am, like I already mentioned, zonked, and I haven't even taken my knock-you-out antihistamine yet.

But, I hope you all stop by bright and early tomorrow morning for my official End of Whole30 post. I, for one, cannot wait to see if I lost any weight. Frankly, though, I am a-okay even if I lost zero pounds: just feeling this good makes me consider it a whoppin' success.

We shall see!


Today's breakfast was yet another serving of Paleo Oatmeal, topped with a scoop of almond butter. If you haven't made this yet, you need to get on it! It is so easy, so fast, and so ridiculously amazing.

I ate it at school in a stupid plastic container (yes, I need to switch to glass). Don't let the pretty green background fool you: breakfast was sitting on my beautiful Whole30 binder.


Lunch was a leftover Jalapeno Chicken Burger, roasted asparagus, and a big ol' glob of guacamole. I was a bit nervous eating this today, and I'm pretty burned out on chicken, let alone leftover chicken. But, it was really, really good, and I pretty much inhaled it -- and then also ate an apple.

I am not sure it was enough food, however. Perhaps I needed another chicken burger for more protein? While it filled me up for about three hours, I was pretty hungry when I got home, so I may or may not have eaten a spoonful of almond butter and a small handful of macadamia nuts.

I know Whole30 doesn't so much advocate for snacking, but I was quite hungry, and it wasn't yet dinner time.


Tonight I had some leftover Korean Short Ribs. They were pretty much just as good as last night! I also ate a huge, heaping pile of spicy green beans (i.e. green beans sauteed in olive oil and crushed red pepper).

And, now I'm stuffed.

Physically: Aside from being pretty darn tired (not Whole30-related) and therefore a bit headache-y and mildly cranky, I am feeling good. My tummy is a-okay, and my skin isn't (currently) revolting. What more could a girl want?

Emotionally: Even though I was crashed last night (courtesy of hydroxyzine), I had another extremely vivid dream. In last night's dream, I was at a mall, and the Pretzel Time (that used to be a thing, right?) pretzels smelled sooooooooo good. So, I ordered one to save for tomorrow. (Yes, even in my dream I knew that my Whole30 ended today.) When I got in the car, though, I ate three bites of it before being like, "Ahhhh! I accidentally ate it! Now I have to start allllll overrrrrr!"

It doesn't sound super dramatic just typing it out, but y'all, it was crazy up in that dream.

Cravings: The only thing I really wanted today was a piece of gum or a mint, and that was only because the Jalapeno Chicken Burger had tons of onions, which in turn gave me dragon breath. Instead, I chugged some La Croix (addicted, remember?) and ate more of my apple, but I'm not sure either of those things helped. Oh well.

Like I said before, friends, please stop back tomorrow for a for-real wrap-up of this amazing adventure. Sleep well, and g'night! :)

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  1. Congrats!! Seriously, I feel like we were just sitting at your parents house looking through your whole30 binder full of information. I was thinking you might be a bit nuts, but now I get it, and you've inspired me…slowly inching toward Paleo. You're amazing and I'm pretty sure if you can do Whole30 you can do anything, like conquer the world.

    1. Thank you so much! We're going to conquer the world TOGETHER, Aly. :)

  2. Congrats on making it! I cant wait to hear your summary of this experience, also, could you answer this question- do you think you could have done it if you were living with someone who wasn't on the plan? I want to do this... and I want to start next Monday, I know you have been out and about a couple times, but my hubs wont do it- and I do have plans to travel two weekends coming up, one is a bachelorette party and the other is a wedding weekend - I think handling weekends away will be tough, but I am most worried about eating around/with my hubs who wont be doing the plan, or any plan for that matter - I have always struggled eating with him when eating differently... just a question I wanted to ask. Congrats again and cant wait to hear all about it!!!

    1. Hi Melissa! I think it is definitely do-able if you're living with someone who is not partaking, but there will certainly be challenges. I think you just have to tell yourself that you're doing this for YOU, that you're doing this for YOUR health. Maybe you can just ask him to be supportive of you, not necessarily to join you. And frankly, when he sees the awesomely delicious food that you'll be eating, maybe he'll join you after all!

      The traveling piece would be difficult for me, especially at the functions you're describing. I think you can do one of two things: start Whole30 now and practice really, really strong willpower OR start Whole30 after those two trips are finished.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I'm here for you, girl -- and know you can do it! :)