Saturday, March 15, 2014

Five Favorites

Welcome back for another round of Five Favorites!

Here are some things I've been loving lately:

1. Misto

I make a lot of roasted veggies -- A LOT. For years I coated them with Pam Olive Oil Cooking Spray, but it started to bother me that I was spraying my food (and not just the pan that the food was sitting on, which would be bad, too) with something that looked a lot like my hairspray.

So, I picked up a Misto (for a whole $9.99). All I do now is fill the canister about halfway full with olive oil, pump it a few times (twss), and spray the crap out of my veggies prior to dousing them with spices and sticking 'em in the oven.

2. Bodum Travel French Press

I have to admit: I've never actually used the "French press" part of this coffee mug, but it is by far the best go cup that I have. I make coffee every morning (in my stay-at-home French press) and then transfer it to the go cup with a splash of coconut milk.

I like this go cup because it holds a ton of coffee and because it stays hot for a really long time.

3. iSmoothRun

A few years ago, I relied heavily on MapMyRun to track my running stats. However, I was never really sure how accurate it was, especially with distance. So, I was super stoked when my parents gave me my Garmin. For the past several years I have used that to track speed, distance, etc., but it's super big and bulky, and I find myself staring at my watch more than just appreciating the run. And, it's kind of a hassle to charge it up and drag it out for every single little jaunt around the 'hood.

Enter: iSmoothRun. My mom -- who heard how great it was from my sister -- told me about this about a year ago, and I have been using it ever since. I like how it "speaks" to me, which means I don't have to constantly check my wrist or look at my phone. I like how I can customize what it "says" to me; for instance, I have it set so that I get updates every ten minutes regarding distance and average pace. I like how I can note which shoes I was wearing (and therefore track mileage for each pair of shoes) and how I was feeling on the run. I like the log format (pictured above right) so that I can easily see how far and how fast and how often I ran.

I'm sure there are 1,000 other features that I have not yet discovered, but the aforementioned are pretty much all I need!

4. Mama Laughlin's Blog

First, she is so inspirational. She went from nearly 200 pounds to 140 pounds. (See her "About Me," "Before and After," or "Updated Story" for more information and photos.) She runs, she lifts weights, she eats clean. She ran a marathon, and now she is entering a bikini contest.

Second, she keeps it real: she cusses, she's naughty (a whole lot of "that's what she said"), she talks about her insecurities, she doesn't hide or airbrush her stretch marks, etc. She's real, and she's relatable.

Third, she is so giving, so compassionate. She posted Endia's story, which brought so much to Endia's life as well as mine. Because of Brandi and her amazingly generous followers, Endia has a place to live, Endia has money for groceries, Endia has clothing for her babies, and most importantly, Endia has hope, and Endia has opportunity for a better future. And because of Brandi, I too have hope, and my faith in humanity has been more than restored.

I cannot say enough good things about Mama Laughlin. If you haven't already, please go check her out. She's great.

5. Fresh Flowers

If I had flowers in my house all the time, I would be a very happy girl. And you know, considering the fact that I seem to be able to keep them looking pretty (minus cat nibbles on every leaf and petal) for a couple of weeks, I should maybe just buy a bouquet more frequently. Doesn't take much, I tell ya.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Just ordered a misto! And I also love fresh flowers, could you imagine having them in every room?! How glorious. That's the one reason I wish I was famous. I bet all celebrities have fresh flowers in their homes every day. Then again, if they do it's probably how they cope with the paparazzi and drug problems.