Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Whole30 -- Day 23

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Today was a wonderful day in O-town. I woke up somewhat early, around 8:00, and hung out with the 'rents a bit before cooking breakfast. After my dad left for work and my mom and I put ourselves together for the day, she and I headed to Hot Mama, her place of employment, for a day of work. I shopped for a bit (stay tuned tomorrow for the recap of that spree), went to Paradise for lunch, and then actually worked at the store: hanging new inventory, finding items for markdowns, etc.

After her day at Hot Mama was over, we headed out west to the new outlet mall between Omaha and Lincoln: Nebraska Crossing. There were some great stores (J Crew, Kate Spade, Coach, etc.), but the only place we spent any money was Carter's. Gee, I wonder who's going to be the recipient...?

Finally, I had had about enough of walking on a blister (courtesy of our walk yesterday) that just would not pop, so we headed home. While my mom cooked dinner, I worked on updating her blog:

What do y'all think?

Like I said before, while I am certainly no professional, I'm really digging this whole blog-design thing.

My mom, dad, and I ate dinner, and now we're just chilling: they're watching Suits, a show I've never seen, and I'm working on more blog design and, obviously, writing this post.

It has just been such a wonderful couple of days. I absolutely love all of the time I've spent with my mama (working out, helping her at work, talking blog stuff, shopping, cooking, etc.) and have loved goofing off and just hanging out with my dad. Every time I come hOmaha, I wish I lived in town so that all of this could happen more often -- maybe sometime soon.


Today's breakfast was somewhat of the usual: three scrambled eggs with a green pepper, mushrooms, and a jalapeno. This time, though, I added three slices of Whole30-compliant bacon.

I loooooooooove bacon, y'all.

While I ate all of the bacon, I only ate about three-fourths of the egg/veggie mix, and then I was full.


My options were a bit limited for lunch since I was at Hot Mama with my mom. So, I headed across Regency Court to Paradise Bakery & Cafe. My choices were very limited, but I opted for a salad with cucumber, carrots, tomato, and chicken as well as a side of fruit. I was not impressed and was still pretty hungry (and all lettuce-d out) when I left.


While my mom cooked dinner, I had a few olives and a couple of almonds because my tummy was literally growling.

Dinner was sooooooo good. My mom made Gingery Broccoli & Beef and Spicy Italian-style Cauliflower.

Like I said yesterday, my mom was so thoughtful: when she knew I was coming home, she researched Paleo recipes and made sure to have Whole30-compliant food for me. I am so, so appreciative of her support through this crazy adventure. Also, it's super nice being cooked for, especially since I've been doing a ton of cooking the last few weeks.

Physically: I was a bit hungry today, but that was really just due to the fact that I didn't eat all my breakfast and that my lunch was less-than-superb. This was the first time, I think, that my tummy actually growled in the last 23 days.

I was also a bit tired today for the first time in a really long time. It was kind of a busy day, and I was on my feet a lot. But, I think the sleepiness had to do with the fact that I didn't sleep super well. I forgot my blankies in Des Moines (I swear I'm a three-year-old sometimes) and therefore didn't have my usual "pillow," and I also didn't have any furry friends trying to steal every inch of the bed. It's always weird sleeping somewhere new. I definitely slept well -- just not as awesomely well as I've been used to lately.

Emotionally: I am happy! I'm with my parents -- what more could I want?

Interestingly, though, I had yet another super-vivid food dream, one where I awoke feeling guilty, like I had totally blown my Whole30. (Again, I'm not sure this really belongs in the "emotionally" category, but deal with it.) In this dream, I was at school (albeit some weird version of my actual school), and there was candy and chocolate everywhere. I remember specifically taking a mini Crunch bar and eating it, but I know I ate other candies and chocolates in the dream as well. I cannot remember the last time I even tasted a Crunch bar, but a.) it truly felt like I did in my dream, and b.) it was damn yummy.

It is insane how realistic these dreams are -- and how guilt-ridden I feel, even while I'm still asleep and dreaming.

Cravings: I have had a few cravings today. It is really hard not chewing gum, and when my mom had a piece after we had coffee this afternoon (oops) and after dinner tonight, I totally wanted a piece, too. I also really wanted ice cream after dinner. And finally, like my dad, I love black licorice, and he has some lying around that is so tempting. But, I am having some really great willpower because, you know, I. am. worth it.

Sometimes we all just need a little reminder. :)

Peace out.

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