Sunday, March 23, 2014

Whole30 -- Day 28

I cannot believe that I only (technically) have two more days of Whole30.

It's hard for me to believe. It feels like these 28 days have flown by.

Today was an absolutely lovely day. (I sound so sophisticated! "It was a lovely day!" I need to start drinking my La Croix with my pinky in the air, I think.)

I woke up around 8:30 and, per usual, chilled for a bit: wrote, caught up on Facebook, listened to music, drank coffee, etc. I cooked breakfast and then wrote some more -- with plenty of help.

Seriously, this cat wants nothing to do with
me unless I'm doing something.
Then, BFF and I decided to head to Gray's Lake for a walk with her doggies. It was a chilly, windy two-mile loop around the lake, but I'm glad we got out there: my Achilles tendons have been popping like crazy today (seriously, it sounds/feels like bubble wrap every time they move), and while my muscles were tired (not sore) from yesterday, it was nice to get out there and move. And, the girls enjoyed it:

If Little Dog isn't the picture of happiness, I
don't know what is. Fat Face, on the other hand...
And, as always, we got some beautiful views of the city:

We dropped the girls off at BFF's house and then ran our weekly errand to Target. Shockingly, I got out of there after spending only $20. Crazy, right?! I picked up new shampoo and conditioner, which I needed, and two sets of new pens, which I told myself I needed -- you know, to finish up the school year, of course.

Or because they were pretty.

When I got home, I whipped up lunch and then, you guessed it, wrote some more. I've been on a writing kick lately -- and am loving it. Seriously, someone give me a book deal. Now.

And then, I decided to get (somewhat) productive. I graded a few papers, (minimally) organized my closet and workout clothes, made a to-do list for tomorrow for when I get to school, etc.

Finally, I cooked dinner, did dishes, talked to my sister-in-law, and am writing this post. Before I hit the sack, I'm going to do a teensy bit of food prep for dinner tomorrow so that I don't have to do it before school, lay out some workout clothes for my first 5 a.m. workout in forever, and maybe read a bit of Insurgent -- or, hopefully, just crash instead.

Yes, today was a lovely day.


Today, I made the same thing I had yesterday (it was that good): Paleo Oatmeal. My sister-in-law made it today and didn't like it as much as I did because, as she said, it was a bit "moist" (ewwwwww). I told her that I tried to "overcook" mine a bit so that they weren't "wet," so if you like "non-damp" food, try to let it get a bit brown before pulling 'em off the stove.

You're welcome.


For lunch, I ate some leftover sweet-potato nachos from yesterday. I still have a bit of taco-seasoned ground beef left, so I may mix it in with my eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning.

This was an easy, delicious meal that I'll definitely be making again.

(Side note: I sliced and baked a brand-new sweet potato today. I'm not sure it would've been super awesome leftover from the prior night.)


I was a bit nervous for dinner tonight because I'm kind of burned out on chicken, but this. was. amazing. I whipped up a batch of Paleo Jalapeno Chicken Burgers from Once a Month Meals. I only made a third of the meat but kept close to the same amounts of everything else and even added an extra jalapeno (I'm obsessed with jalapenos, y'all). I sided it with sauteed asparagus, which I'm pretty sure I could eat for every meal (when it's in season and therefore $1.99 a pound, that is).

Holy yum.

Physically: My muscles are tired from yesterday, and we've already talked about my Achilles. Again, though, both of those issues are not Whole30-related. However, I think that the fact that I'm not super sore after running six miles is definitely connected to Whole30: when you eat well, the recovery time you need after a hardcore workout decreases. Magic.

Also, I think I'm a bit dehydrated today. Or, maybe I'm not dehydrated, but I don't think I'm as hydrated as I should be. I feel fine, do the math.

I'm not tired at all today (like I was yesterday), which is a bit troublesome since I need to fall asleep like, now, in order to wake up at 4:30 a.m.

Emotionally: I'm feeling great -- absolutely lovely, remember?

Cravings: I am not craving anything. It was interesting: when we were at the lake, BFF and I were talking about nutrition and food, and she said that Dairy Queen sounded good right now. I have always loved DQ, but when she said that, I almost wanted to throw up. I cannot imagine eating that right now. Weird, huh?

Well, friends, I'm off to do my aforementioned before-bedtime tasks, and then I'm going to try to make myself fall asleep so that I can wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed super, super early. Wish me luck!


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  1. Not to sound creepy or anything but I found you through a comment you made on Mama Laughlin's IG - your blog URL is on your IG and I saw you were doing Whole30 and I have been on the fence about trying it so I had to come read about your experience with it. You are doing amazing!!! I cant wait to hear your thoughts after you finish the 30 days this week!!! I think I am going to do this, but I want to get good meal plans in place before I start so I to can finish all 30 days!

    Thanks for sharing all your meals and thoughts on this! This is great!


    1. Melissa, thank you so much for stopping by! That's not creepy at all!

      What is your biggest concern about doing Whole30? I was super worried since it's super restrictive (and since prior to starting this I thought PALEO was too restrictive), but it's totally manageable, especially since you're eating amazingly tasty food -- and SO MUCH of it!

      Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I'm no expert by any means, but I would love to help in any way I can!