Saturday, September 3, 2011

School Daze

Hey everyone!  Long time, no see!  I have a couple of relatively good excuses, however: first, I've been in quite an awful mood due to my tendon issues, and second, school started, and I've been absolutely swamped.

Right now I'm excited about school, so that's the post you're getting.  Later, I'll update you on my ankle debacle.  Get ready.

My classroom looks approximately 1,000,000 million times cooler than it did last year, so I thought I would do a photo post.  Here goes nothing'!

I made these posters a couple of years ago and finally put them back up.
Looking at the front of my room - and four of the Eight Keys.
Dry erase board with song lyrics (Tupac and Aerosmith) and my Ernest Hemingway postcards.
More homemade posters. 
Whoa.  Above the bulletin board: Elements of Literature posters.  On the left: objectives/learning targets.  Center: Parts of Speech posters.  On the right: miscellaneous...stay tuned.
My favorite Tupac lyric, hippie bumper stickers, and a poster of an alum scaling Everest. 
A canvas print I made for a graduate school project - a Brian Andreas (Story People) quote surrounded by my Rider Time students' hands (they were graduating seniors, and I loved them to pieces).
My postcard example for students, my autographed VIP pass to meet Jeannette Walls, an Avril Lavigne song lyric poster.
Standing at the front of my room, looking back at my desk - notice the other four keys lining the back wall.
Once a cheer coach...  The spirit stick is hiding behind the bookshelf, too.  :)