Saturday, April 26, 2014

Five Favorites

It's everyone's favorite post of the week!

(Do y'all like the Five Favorites series? I love reading what others are loving lately, and they're kind of fun posts to write.)

1. e.l.f. Make-Up


A few Christmases ago, Santa my mom gave me an eye shadow palette that I absolutely adored.


I used this make-up every single day because it was pretty, it lasted all day, and I could create a bazillion different looks. I loved it.

When I started running out of my favorite colors, I asked my mom where she bought it because I could not for the life of me find any branding on the product. She told me that she bought it at Target for FIVE dollars.

Um, say what?!

I have since bought several more e.l.f. products, none of which were more than $10 a pop.

2. Blogsy


Blogging on-the-go has always been difficult, especially when I just take my iPad -- and not my computer -- with me. Because I knew I was heading to Atlanta, I started looking for ways I could blog via my iPad and came across Blogsy, which is heralded as the best blogging app for numerous blog platforms.

While I have yet to publish more than a "test" post using the app, I know it is going to be very beneficial, and I will likely use it often.

(And if I've posted any evening posts this week, you can bet it's been via Blogsy.)

3. Orphan Black


My friends are hooked on Orphan Black, so I have started watching it so that I can participate in their conversations. And, while I'm only a few episodes in thus far, I am loving it.

Essentially, it's a science-fiction thriller. I find it kind of hard to describe, but basically there are several clones of the same individual who are leading their own lives with no knowledge that they are clones. Eventually, they start discovering one another -- along with a group that is trying to assassinate them.

It's very, very intriguing.

Normally I am not "all about" sci-fi stuff, but this is a great show.

4. Reef Flip-Flops

You're welcome for the "extra-large" shot of my feet.

Seriously, though, these flip-flops are so awesome.

I bought my first pair of Reefs when my mom and I decided to get spur-of-the-moment pedicures, and I didn't have any flip-flops. Luckily we were right next to the shoe section of Von Maur, so I picked up a gray pair. Not even two weeks later, I stopped back to get them in black and in gold.

They are amazing.

They are so amazing, in fact, that my black ones are completely worn to the ground. There is no more "squishiness," and it almost hurts to walk on them. I guess three to four years for a pair of flippy-floppies isn't that bad.

5. Cashew-Cranberry-Almond Trail Mix


I first tried this trail mix at my parents' house during my Whole30 (I picked out the cranberries, though, because I was unsure of whether or not they were compliant).

Since that initial tasting, I have purchased not one but two of these huge canisters for my house. It's a great snack to throw in a Ziploc and take to a tennis meet, a meeting, or, like now for instance, on a trip.

(Now that I'm officially done with my Whole30, I do eat the cranberries. I figure that tiny a serving is not going to make or break me.)

What are some thing that you've been loving lately?

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