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Since I am out of town right now, I thought I'd answer a few quick questions. I got the idea from Tina at Carrots 'n' Cake and figured it'd be a perfect don't-miss-me-too-much post.

1. What are you wearing?
Right now I'm rocking some Express yoga pants and a tank-top with no bra (pretty much what I wear all the time when I'm at home).

2. Ever been in love?
Oh, yes. I would say I've been in love three times.

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?
Yes, with he-who-shall-not-be-named. (I'm also not counting him in the "love" category; while I thought for a month or two that I loved him, that was a huge mistake.) While the other three break-ups were amicable, my exes and I did not remain friends, and that makes me sad.

4. How tall are you?
I am the shortest person in my family at a "measly" 5'5".

I mean, if it weren't for those five-inch platform heels I'm wearing, I'd be way shorter.

5. How much do you weigh?
Haha yeah right. Right now, I weigh too much to post on the Internet. Maybe someday...

6. Any tattoos?
Yep. I got an ankh on my lower back when I was 16, a trinity knot between my shoulder blades when I was 17, and a "B" in an Irish font on my foot/ankle when I was 24. I would like to get small birds near my ankh, and right now I am considering getting "I love you" in my dad's hand writing" and "more than all the world" in my mom's handwriting in white ink on my forearms.

News to you, huh Mom? :)

7. Any piercings?
Of course. I have three piercings in my right ear and two in my left ear. I also have my conch on my right ear pierced and have a large hoop through it. Obviously I have my nose pierced as well and am currently rocking my dirty-hippie look (ring), but I most often wear a diamond stud. I also had my left rook pierced until it started pushing out, and I also had the lower part of my belly button pierced but took that out when I didn't think it was cool anymore.

I believe that is all the piercings I will have.

8. Favorite song?
While there are a lot of songs I love -- and a ton that have meaning to me -- I would have to say my all-time favorite song is John Lennon's Imagine, solely based on the lyrics.

9. Quality you look for in a partner?
Let's talk about qualities I need to start looking for in a partner: intelligent, able to make me laugh, driven, kissable. There are a lot of other "nice-to-haves," such as health conscious, successful, athletic, etc., but the aforementioned four qualities are really my "must-haves."

10. Favorite quote?
I'm not sure this is my favorite quote of all time, but I saw it on my friend's Instagram a few weeks ago, and it really stuck with me:


11. Favorite actor?
You know, I loved Matthew McConaughey even before he could act. :)

12. Loud music or soft?
I definitely prefer softer music -- singer-songwriter music. Unless I'm working out (when I like the beats to be rockin'), I listen to things like Mat Kearney and David Gray.

13. Where do you go when you’re sad?
I lie down -- usually under the covers -- on my bed. (That sounds sooooo emo.)

14. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
If I don't wash my hair, it takes about ten minutes to shower, brush my teeth, and put on makeup. If I wash my hair (and then have to dry it), it takes another ten minutes.

15. Ever been in a physical fight?
Does it count if I've been in the middle of a physical fight breaking it up? No? Okay. Then no, I have never been in a physical fight.

Well, that is unless you count something with these goofballs, I suppose. I'm sure we got into our fair share of scuffles when we were younger -- in fact, I'm pretty sure I still have a scar from a certain brother of mine pinching me.

Also, I had to include two pictures to show you that we can never take a serious photo together.

16. Turn on?
I would definitely say intelligence and a sense of humor. Physically, I think build is important (i.e. not scrawny and not too muscle-y), but I also look at hands, as I think they can tell a lot about a perosn.

17. Turn off?
I cannot stand people who are close-minded and hateful.

18. Fears?
I really don't like small spaces. When Maggie and I did the Gladiator Assault Challenge a few years ago, I was terrified of having to go through the tunnels. And when the girls and I hit up the City Museum in St. Louis a few weeks ago, there was no way in hell I was about to shimmy through those tunnels.

19. Last thing that made you cry?
I think the last real cry I had likely pertained to The Break-Up (like, months ago).

20. Last time you said you loved someone?
Every time I talk to my mom or dad on the phone (and oftentimes when I talk to my sister, Aly, or Katie on the phone). I tell my cats I love them every time I leave the apartment.

21. First concert you attended?
My dad took me to Aerosmith's concert (Nine Lives tour) when I was 15 -- and I fell in love with everything Aerosmith and went to two more of their shows. I will never forget that first concert and how awesome it was -- and, I'm so thankful that I experienced that with my dad.

Me and my dad -- about 12 years after the concert.

22. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
As I am writing this (on Sunday afternoon), the last person I texted was my best friend Katie. We had chatted on the phone, and she was going to swing by my apartment to help me fix a door, but I figured it out (because I'm a freaking genius) so texted her to not worry about it.

23. Favorite food?
I think my all-time favorite food is sushi. I could probably eat sushi every day and be a very happy girl.

24. Place you want to visit?
I have always wanted to go to Italy and Greece. There's a heck of a lot of cool art over there. Other than that, my favorite vacations generally include sunshine, beaches, and umbrella drinks. And, much to my parents' chagrin, I really want to go to Sierra Leone.

25. Do you have a crush?
A real-life crush? No. One of my celebrity crushes, though, is also my favorite actor: Matthew McConaughey. I love his country twang.

Yes, please.

26. Last time you kissed someone?
Well, I kiss my cats every day. The last time I kissed a human? Unless I've found a special someone in Atlanta (unlikely), the last time I kissed someone was quite a while ago.

Don't judge me. Instead, help a sister out! Find me an eligible bachelor. :)

27. Last time you were insulted?
I was truly hurt when one of my students turned in an "essay" that said that whomever put him in my class made a negative impact on his life because I am mean and don't care about anyone but myself. This same student said that I was a bully and was condescending.

While I try not to take what ninth graders say to heart, it is really difficult sometimes (I am a human being as well), and that "essay" hurt my heart.

28. Favorite piece of jewelry?
I have several meaningful pieces of jewelry. I would say my most favorite piece right now is a bracelet that my aunt gave me about a year ago. The coin in the middle reads, "Protect this woman," and I wear it nearly every day.

I also often wear a horseshoe necklace that my sister gave me.

29. Favorite memento?

I have a lot of treasures (just ask my mom and my sister who both helped me move several years ago). One that I carry with me everyday, everywhere I go, is my nana's sobriety coin.

30. Who should answer these questions next?

And, I think you all should choose at least one question to answer in the comments section below. Tell me a bit about yourself! :)

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  1. Haha that was fun getting to know you! found you from Holly's blog! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Karly! Nice to "meet" you! :)

  2. That was fun to learn things I didn't know about you! Matthew McConaughey, really?! I might have known, but I still don't see it :)

    1. Alright, alright, alright! Don't judge me, Aly. He's smokin'.