Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Eve

I am so thankful that it's the weekend.

I had grand plans today, including a ten-mile run. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. However, I did get a lot of other stuff accomplished.

I woke up super early (7:00 or so) and headed to the grocery store to pick up some meat for tonight. I tried to grab it last night, but unfortunately the butcher had already left, and they didn't have any beef short ribs cut and ready to go. So, this morning started with a trip to Dahl's.

When I got home, I immediately started prepping the meat and the sauce to throw in the crock pot since it needed to cook for 9-11 hours. As soon as that started simmering away, I cooked breakfast and enjoyed it at the table with a special someone:

Who else would I be having breakfast with, y'all? The "special someone" was a little girl kitty. Don't get your hopes up.

While I was eating breakfast, Katie texted and asked if I wanted to run errands with her. Since I needed to pick up a few things for my trip (and since Old Navy was having a killer sale), I decided to postpone my planned run and head out west with her.

First, we stopped at Old Navy, and I picked up a strapless linen dress, a casual black dress, workout capris, a workout top, a cross-body purse (but in a red color), and a work shirt (that looks a lot cuter on me than it does in this picture). While I spent more money than the $0 I anticipated on spending, I did not buy anything too frivolous and am really pleased with my purchases.

Second, we stopped at Trader Joe's. I didn't need a whole lot of groceries since I'm heading out of town, but I did pick up some apples and almond butter to take with me to Atlanta, some blueberries and mango slices, and some coconut milk to have on reserve.

Finally, we stopped at Target where we farted around for far too long. I got a few necessities, such as deodorant and fuel for long runs (i.e. baby food pouches), but I also picked up some splurges: a pair of black flip-flops and a maxi dress (with the excuse of well, I have a plane ride this week, so I need the dress). It doesn't necessarily look like it online, but the dress is actually very flattering.

All of our shopping and wandering around had us quite famished, so we stopped at Star Bar for lunch prior to heading our separate ways.

When I got home, I worked on some blog entries for this week since I will not be in town to write. Get excited for those.

Around 5:00, it was time to start getting ready to head over to Katie's for Shaw's birthday dinner. I, of course, had to wear one of my brand-new outfits:

Dress: Old Navy; Shoes: DSW; Necklace: Hot Mama;
Earrings, Ring, and Bracelets: Express

I'm pretty pleased with how the look turned out. I do, however, need to get the top of the dress taken in just a smidge: it's a little big (surprisingly) in the boob-age area.

The party was super fun: it was me, Katie, Katie's special friend, Shaw and his two daughters (Kate and Natalie), Beth, and Tony (formerly known as The Boy). We ate some delicious food, watched silly YouTube videos, and then caught the season premiere of Orphan Black, a show that I am going to start watching from the beginning so that I can participate in discussions with my friends.

It was a good night with great people. I do have to say, however, that I am a bit down tonight. And what makes me even sadder is that my "being down" has to do with stupid boys. (Seriously, I embarrassed that I give men that "power" to make me feel crappy. I am a strong, independent woman. Ugh.)

  • Boy 1: I'm annoyed that he said he wanted to be friends with me yet does not initiate contact with me, does not respond to questions regarding whether or not he is attending an event so that I know how much food to buy, and just acts differently when we hang out.
  • Boy 2: I'm annoyed that he bailed on a commitment with very short notice, and I'm annoyed that he responded in an utterly disrespectful manner when I called him out on leaving six other people high and dry.
  • Boy 3: I'm annoyed that in a text conversation last weekend he told me that he missed me and that he had been talking with his parents about me but then that he has not communicated with me (or responded to my two attempts at communication) since Wednesday.
I guess I'm just frustrated and upset with the male species as a whole.

It's about time I found a quality partner, someone who treats me well and who has my best interests at heart. If anyone has any idea where I can find someone who fits those characteristics (and is also single, smart, funny, motivated, and semi-attractive), please let me know.

It's about time for me to log off, though, as I have big plans for tomorrow and need a good night's sleep: ten miles are on the calendar, y'all (as is laundry, packing, and grading). Yikes.


Today I had a carb-heavy breakfast because I thought I was going for a run. Oops. I mixed one sweet potato with a jalapeno, mushrooms, avocado, salsa, and two eggs. I made a small strawberry-blackberry salad for a side.


I had my most recent "usual" from Star Bar today: the sesame-crusted tuna salad. Honestly, I ordered this as a bit of a "test." This is the meal I ate right before having the most awful allergic reaction yet on Wednesday.

The test was a complete and utter failure, however, as I had absolutely no reaction whatsoever. (It's a scientific failure but a social success, as I did not have to take Benadryl and/or hydroxyzine in the middle of the day.)


Katie and I both made Korean Short Ribs (we needed two crock pots for the number of people that we had at the party). Katie also made a pear-celery slaw and some pickled cucumbers, radishes, and red onions. We then put everything together into tacos and/or lettuce wraps. I also made some spicy green beans for a side.

It was so good. We made nearly ten pounds of ribs for eight people -- and had zero leftovers.

Katie also made a cheesecake with a chocolate crust and raspberry sauce. I had a very small piece, and it was absolutely divine. It was so, so sweet -- ridiculously sweet after not having had sugar for quite a long time.

What did y'all do on this beautiful Easter Eve?

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  1. I hate how boys can take over and influence how we feel about ourselves. Sounds like you're all over it. I know that wonderful guy is out there, if he shows up in Grand Rapids I'll send him your way.