Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Guess What Day It Is!

Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike!


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Today was a busy day, as they all have been lately.

Work was okay, although I did receive a not-so-nice note from a student, which completely hurt my feelings and upset me quite a bit. Luckily, I had approximately 60 other amazing students that made my day much better -- as well as my family members who joked about the not-so-nice note via group text and totally cheered me up.

Because today was Wednesday, we had a building-wide professional development this afternoon, and it was absolutely awesome. Linds, the teacher with whom I have worked the most closely for the past six years, gave an amazing presentation about how to best serve LGBT youth. She did such a phenomenal job: I love her so much and am so thankful she's my colleague and my friend.

I had to duck out of PD early, however, as I had an appointment with an allergist.

I've seen enough of these in the last two
weeks to last me a while.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a whole lot of answers. He drew four tubes of my blood: one to send to the East Coast to test for an Ibuprofen allergy, and three to send downtown to Mercy Hospital to check something with enzymes.

As soon as I heard enzyme testing, I knew I had to turn to my trusty source of all things medical: Google. I am pretty sure that this is what is wrong with me. I texted it to my dad, and he said, "Just what every doc loves -- a patient with access to the Internet." I responded that I still need the doctor to tell me what causes it; I haven't quite figured that out on my own...yet.

Anyway, after the blood tests come back, I will likely have to go in for skin testing: both for food allergies and for contact allergies, although he's thinking more "no" than "yes" on food allergies.

Shortly after my doctor's appointment, I met one of my good friends, Emmy Jean, out for dinner. We hit up Star Bar, one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Des Moines, and had a quick dinner and fabulous conversation. I love that girl.

As I was driving from the ol' SB to bowling, I noticed that my face felt really, really hot. I looked in the mirror, and sure enough, my face was bright red and splotchy, having some sort of allergic reaction to something. This reaction continued through bowling and grew to be over my entire back, both of my arms, my chest, and my booty.

Bowling was really fun tonight (aside from itching like crazy and looking like a hot mess). First, I bowled really, really well: I scored 139 on the first two games (nothing like consistency) and a 156 (or something close to it) on my third game. I was pretty pleased with myself. Second, one of the guys I bowl with recently started dating one of my former student's moms, so she met up with us. She is so, so nice, and I really enjoyed spending time with her outside of parent-teacher conferences. (It also helped that she talked about how much her son loved me last year, that I was his favorite teacher, that I was "so hard" but taught him a ton, and that she as a parent really, really appreciated me. After the last couple of days -- with the parent interaction yesterday and the student's note today -- it was really great to hear that from her.) I told my teammate not to screw this up. :)

Back to my health: right now, my face hurts really, really bad, and the rest of my body itches really, really bad. This might be the worst reaction I've had yet -- ironically, on the same day that I saw the allergist.


I took two hydroxyzine and a claritin, so I'm hoping to knock out pretty quickly.


Remember how I didn't eat dinner last night because I just wasn't feeling well? Apparently that continued on to this morning. I ate three bites of Paleo Oatmeal and threw the rest in the trashcan. I just couldn't do it.

Lunch: And I don't have a picture for lunch...because I didn't eat any. I still wasn't hungry. Around 2:45, however, I did eat an apple.


I was finally a bit hungry for dinner, which is why I suggested to Emmy Jean that we hit up Star Bar. The only thing that sounded good to me tonight was a salad -- and I ate the whole darn thing. Like last time I was at SB, I got the sesame-crusted tuna salad. It was absolutely delicious.

I also sucked down two vodka-sodas (with lime), which might just be my new favorite drink.

I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. That salad looks soooo yummy! You are such a tough cookie, your attitude with all the allergy issues is inspiring. Keep hanging in there, hopefully you get an answer soon!

  2. Love you too Emmy Jean.

  3. I just realized that I messed up! I did NOT have vodka that night: I had two soda-WATERS with lime. Ugh. Allergy meds are kicking my butt.