Thursday, April 10, 2014

Three Thanks

Happy Thursday, friends!

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The Swallow Flies & Here Comes Happiness Three Thanks

I am thankful for so much, but here are some things for which I am grateful this week:


I am grateful for family time. Spending the weekend in Omaha with my mom, my dad, and my sister was wonderful. Seeing my sister-in-law (and her mom) and my nephew was so awesome. The only ones missing were my brother and brother-in-law.

Dad, Mom, Aly, Alex, me, Erin -- circa 2012
I love, love, love spending time with my family and so wish we all lived closer so that it could be a more regular thing.

There's nothing better than lounging around all weekend in sweatpants, having your mom cook for you, watching Disney movies (Frozen, I'm talking to you), and hanging out with the people you love.


I am grateful for personal days.

There are many, many great things about being a teacher: working with students, educating the future of America, making positive social change, etc. And then of course there are perks like winter break, spring break, and summer break.

One perk we do not have is personal days. For the entire nine months that we are in session, we are allowed to take one personal day. (I realize it sounds crazy that someone who has three-and-a-half months off each year is complaining about only having "one" personal day, but it's tough, y'all: there are things that come up August through June, and only having one discretionary day is difficult.)

Anyway, enough complaining. This is a gratitude post, after all.

Today, I am thankful for personal days. Tomorrow, I am taking my personal day to head to St. Louis with my three best girlfriends: BFF, AM, and ME. And once we're down there, we'll meet up with AM's sister, TH, whom I love as well.

This will be a much-needed girls' weekend in St. Louie.


I am thankful for HBO GO.

I love Game of Thrones and have watched every episode from the first three seasons at least once. It's sooooooo good. The first episode of season four came out this week, and because of an amazing colleague, I now have access to HBO GO and can therefore watch the series with the rest of the country.

I'm also pumped to finally watch Girls and True Detective, as I've heard nothing but good things. And, I'm looking forward to catching up on True Blood since I've only seen the first three seasons so far.

Now, I just need to figure out a way to hook my iPad up to my TV. Anyone wanna buy me Apple TV? :)

Also, I need some more personal days devoted to HBO...

What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. Hi! Thanks for hosting this link up Ladies! I would like to link up, I'm fairly new to the blogging world. I cannot figure out how to add your bad into my post! I can't even figure out how to get one of my own! LOL I'm going to link up, and link your blog to my posts and will try to figure it out before I post. I'm so glad I ran into your blog, it's encouraging to see all the work you've put into it and I love the content! I'm just starting my blog Sweet Tea n' Sunshine and would love to connect!


    1. Hi Vicki! It looks like you figured it out! I was on the road this afternoon and didn't see this comment until now. I'm so sorry I couldn't help sooner! We'll definitely stay connected! :)