Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Case Study

Thank you all for your kind words on my post this morning. Like I said, it took me forever to write and even longer to post. But, it felt really good getting it out there and hearing from all of you. So thank you. :)

Today was jam-packed and quite exhausting, so I'm going to get right to the play-by-play.

First, I woke up so much less puffy, less rashy than I did yesterday: victory!

Side note: my brother is calling my sister-in-law Jr. Dr. Aly because she is treating me like a Dr. House case study. She has been trying to figure out for the past week what the heck is causing my allergic reactions. Right now, she has it narrowed down to avocados or bananas. Let's play a game: who can guess what's wrong with Emmy?

Prior to school, I ran by Farrell's, not to workout but rather to grab a jacket (my favorite workout jacket) that I had inadvertently left there last Monday. Then, I sped to school.

I was pretty busy during the morning, and then at 10:30, I had to split for my appointment: I got an IUD today, friends. I am contemplating writing a whole post about this, as it was quite an interesting experience, and I feel it may be helpful to others who are interested. And, while I think a post about it would be quite informative, I also think it would be quite hilarious because of how it all went down. If I decide to give y'all way too much information, expect it to happen next week. :)

After my appointment, I met one of my good friends, CT, out for lunch at Gusto. The food was excellent (more on that later), and the company was awesome. It was nice to have someone to distract me from the pain/sweating/near-fainting that was about to be happening as a result of my appointment. (See? I told you it'd be a good story.)

Then, we had some amazing professional development: Ryan Sallans, a transgender advocate from Omaha, spoke at my school. I read his book, Second Son, about a year ago and really, really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it, so hearing him speak was absolutely awesome. He gave a lot of information about gender and sexuality in general, spoke about how to be a positive support and strong ally to all students, and discussed his own personal story. I loved the presentation, and I am interested to hear what others thought at school tomorrow.

I hung around school a little longer than normal because my former student teacher was stopping by to drop off some work and to chat, and then I finally got home around 5:00.


But, I wasn't home for long before I had to cook dinner and head to bowling.

Bowling was good: I sucked the first two games but rocked it the third game. It seemed to go by fairly quickly, which was much appreciated because I was not feeling super fabulously fun (as usual).

I've had a busy week and just need some at-home time. But, I guess that will happen, oh, this summer. :)

Breakfast: I forgot to take a picture of my meal because I was too busy running around trying to get everything taken care of for this afternoon. Picture this: sweet potato, eggs, jalapeno, and mushroom. It really needed some avocado, but I spaced.

Lunch: I forgot to take a picture of my lunch because I was too busy trying not to keel over in pain and/or faint and/or vomit in public. But, it was the salad I usually get from Gusto: the Fromage Bleu Salad (without the blue cheese). The walnuts were a little more peppery than usual today (and there was a ton of red onions scattered throughout), but it was pretty darn good otherwise.


It's a pretty ugly picture, but it was a pretty good dinner: chorizo, eggs, sweet potato, jalapeno, tomato. Yum, yum, yum.

I also drank a Multi-Green Kombucha, followed by a Lime La Croix. Nom nom nom.

Please be sure to link-up with me and Aly tomorrow for our weekly rendition of Three Thanks!

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  1. I bet you felt great not having that avocado with your breakfast :)

    1. But I just had one for lunch and am feeling wonderful, Jr. Dr. Aly! :)