Thursday, April 3, 2014

Three Thanks

Happy Thursday, friends!

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As weird as it may sound, I am grateful for Vaseline.

My miles have (more slowly than surely) been creeping up there, and without Vaseline, I would be a blistered, chafed mess.

(Oh, the things runners talk never gets old.)

Before every run of decent mileage (i.e. generally anything five miles or longer) I lather Vaseline on the arches of my feet (where I'm prone to blisters) and underneath my boobs (where I tend to chafe so badly it looks like implant scars). If it's warm out, I also put Vaseline on my inner arms, as especially the left one chafes.

Essentially, it's a super cheap version of Body Glide. I am super, super thankful for Vaseline.


I am thankful for firefighters.

I know this seems like a random expression of gratitude, but I am still in shock over the fire that destroyed the Younkers Building in downtown Des Moines. I think it hit especially hard because one of my greatest friend's husbands (who is also a good friend of mine) is a firefighter who worked tirelessly on this disaster.

One of my friends posted this picture on her Facebook page --
photo by Joe Kristan, Lost Des Moines.
I am very grateful that Ahman and his colleagues do what they do, and I am so thankful that no one was injured.

Cindi -- Ahman's wife and one of my dearest friends -- designs and
stamps beautiful jewelry. Check her out on Facebook or Etsy.


I am grateful for open windows.

There were a few days this week that were absolutely beautiful, days that I have opened my windows and have aired out the apartment. There is nothing quite like the scent of fresh, springtime air after a winter of being ridiculously cooped up.

On Monday, the day when it hit 70 degrees, I had those windows open like you wouldn't believe. But you know what? I open 'em when it's 50 degrees, too: I just like fresh air!

So yes, I am grateful for open windows.

What have you been thankful for this week?

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