Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wah Wah

I almost titled this post "Failure," but I (obviously) decided against that.  You see, I was unable to go to boot camp today because I had a 12-hour workday with a meeting that lasted past 6:30.  (Yesterday I asked if I could go to the morning boot camp, but they said no because the class was full.)  I was going to go for a quick run this evening, but by the time I got home from work and done helping BFF pick up her new table and chairs (and haul them up to her apartment), it was past 8:00.  Working out was just not in the cards for today.

However, I will be back to boot camp tomorrow, and hopefully the classes aren't full on Saturday so that I can go then, too.  And although Sunday is supposed to be my day off, I will do today's workout (cardio and abs) then.  So, it all works out just fine.

The other reason today was a "failure" is because I ate a brownie.  Look at how ridiculous that sounds: I was a failure because I ate a brownie.  No.  Untrue.  I have stuck to the Abs Diet nearly 100% for four days, and I can eat a small brownie if I want to.  Will it happen tomorrow?  No.  Will it happen again?  Probably.

Today started out kind of rough.  Although I went to bed relatively early last night, I was absolutely exhausted.  In fact, I slept until 6:45 a.m.  Finally, I rolled out of bed, quickly got ready, grabbed breakfast, lunch, and snacks to go, and headed to school.  For some reason I was not feeling well this morning, and that was amplified by the fact that I did not have time to make coffee.  It was not a fun start to my day.

Breakfast was a whole wheat English muffin with Omega-3-enhanced peanut butter.  I skipped my morning snack because I ate breakfast kind of late (in the middle of first block).  For lunch, I had yet another serving of Three Amigos Chili - again, it's delicious, but I'm getting a bit burned out on it.  I then headed out to grab a cup of coffee since I knew it would be a late afternoon/evening.  My afternoon snack was two hard-boiled eggs and an apple, and they were all three delicious.  The best meal of the day, though?

For our meeting today, we were all instructed to bring certain ingredients for taco salads.  I was really proud of the salad I made: a huge mound of lettuce, bell peppers, a few black olives, green onions, pico de gallo, medium salsa, a small blob of guacamole, a small blob of sour cream (okay, I could've done without that), a small sprinkling of cheese, and a couple slices of grilled chicken.  I avoided the tortilla chips and the salad dressing and was pretty proud of myself for that.

But, like I said, I ate a brownie.  I was totally going to bypass the dessert table, but one of my colleagues makes the absolute best baked goods ever, and I just couldn't say no.  Self-control is not my strong suit.

And that brownie was worth it.

After I left work, I had to head straight to World Market where my bestie was picking up a brand-new table and chairs.  I was really hesitant about being able to help with this because a.) we both have cars that would not likely fit huge furniture, and b.) I am extremely sore and was unsure I could even lift said furniture.

And just as I suspected:

But, the resourceful girls that we are (okay, or that she is) took the furniture out of the boxes and crammed them into our backseats.

This is the second time this week that we used "girl power" rather than relying on stupid boys.  The first time was on Monday when we dissembled my huge, huge desk, carried it downstairs, carried a new bookshelf upstairs, and assembled said bookshelf all by ourselves:


So, I guess that kind of counts as a workout, right?  Unlike my $25 plywood bookshelf, her hardwood table was quite heavy, and we carried it up three flights of stairs.  I'd say that's a win.

Oh, and while we were wandering around World Market waiting for people to get the furniture for us, I found a sale on napkins - which means that (hopefully) my food photos will now have much more beautiful backdrops.

I know that it's 9:30, but my tummy just started growling, so I think I'm going to make a small smoothie (likely the Virgin Cabo Daiquiri again) before I head to bed.  Yes, it's late, but if I don't eat something now, I'll wake up 18 times throughout the night and try eating my entire kitchen.

And that, my friends, would be a failure.


  1. That salad does look tasty! And think of your brownie like this: if you hadn't eaten it, you might have just craved sweets all day and then caved in to something far less tasty and more processed. So you made the best choice!

  2. I don't think you should feel so bad about the brownie. You only had one! Alexson is right, you could have eaten something much worse!

    You're doing so great! We're rooting for you, Emily! :)

  3. Progress, not perfection! I don't know about you, but in the past I would have eaten SEVERAL brownies, so just stopping at one is great progress!