Saturday, January 7, 2012

In the Nick of Time

I started out my Saturday bright and early at 7:00 with today's workout, which was quite the doozy...

The warm-up started with one partner sitting with her arms parallel to the ground in a "T" and her legs straight in front of her.  The other partner had to jump over one of the arms, over the legs, and over the other arm of the sitting partner.  We each had to do this six times.  Then, one partner had to get on her hands and knees, and the other partner had to jump over her back and then army-crawl under her stomach.  We each had to do this six times.

And that was the warm-up.

We then had a rotation of ten separate stations.  We had to "give it our all" for 20 seconds, take a 10 second breather, and then do that five more times, for a total of three minutes per exercise.  Here was our rotation:

  • Straight-leg swing kicks (envision Russian dancers)
  • Knees to chest on the pull-up bar
  • Tug-of-war rope: each partner had one end of the rope, and at first we made vertical motions to hit the ground, and then we made horizontal movements to work the obliques
  • Sprinting with a resistance band around our waists
  • Medicine ball: slammed it to the ground and lifted it back up repeatedly
  • Partner planks: one partner is in the plank position, and the other is jumping over her back laterally
  • Burpees
  • Kettlebells: sit in boat pose and figure-eight a kettlebell through the legs
  • Partner push (I think I just made up that name): we held the kickboxing bag between us and had to try to push the other across the room
  • Box jumps: jump (or step) various heights on the boxes
Holy smokes.  I was drenched.  And exhausted.

I absolutely hate eating before early-morning workouts, so I had half a pouch of Power Bar Energy Blasts before the workout and the other half after.  I think it worked out well...  What do you eat prior to a morning workout?

When I got home and finally stopped sweating, I took a quick shower and then joined BFF for breakfast at our favorite dive, the Waveland Cafe.  After all, today is my FREE DAY!!!

I opted for the quarter order of Everything Hash Browns (there are peppers, ham, onions, and lots of other good stuff mashed up with the potatoes), a side of sausage, and a side of wheat toast.  I also had a coffee.  While this is certainly not health food, I'd normally double the portion of Everything Hash Browns, so I'll count it as a win today.  Plus, it's my FREE DAY!

BFF and I continued our weekend routine by running errands.  Today, we just hit up Target and World Market.  She needed a few random things at Target, and even though I was just there last night, I bought a new alarm clock: mine mysteriously stopped working, and even though I set four alarms on my phone, I'm still nervous it'll turn off randomly, I'll sleep through them, etc.

I needed absolutely nothing at World Market, know how that goes.  I came away with quite a few things: reusable straws (I drink everything with straws, and I figured it'd be an easy way to reduce my carbon footprint), a few new pieces of silverware to make my photos more interesting, and this:

Because you know what my life has been missing?  A birdcage.  Clearly.

After errand-running was complete, I came home and whipped up a Virgin Cabo Daiquiri to drink throughout the afternoon, especially since I knew we'd be going out to dinner, and I didn't want to be starving.  I then took a nap with the kitty-cats:

(And this is the nice one.)  We slept away the afternoon.

Tonight, I headed downtown with my besties.  First, we went to Dos Rios for "Sangria Saturday" and tacos:

Yum, yum, yum.  I had two shrimp tacos, two sangrias, some chips and guacamole, and approximately 18,000 waters.  Again, while I didn't make the healthiest decisions, it's a.) my free day, and b.) much better than I would've done a few weeks ago.

We then went to the Kirkwood and had time to enjoy one cocktail (a Skinnygirl Cosmo for me - not a fan) before being kicked out due to a birthday party taking over the entire restaurant.

Finally, we went to the Lift, and I remembered how much I like that bar.  I had one more drink (a vodka tonic) before switching to another 18,000 glasses of water.

We finished the night at Fong's, where I was totally "bad" and chowed down a huge piece of honey-garlic pizza.  Oops.

It's 11:54.  I barely got the post in today, but I made it.  You're welcome.  :)

See you tomorrow after a three-mile run and "family" dinner!

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