Monday, January 9, 2012

Can't Make This Up

Well, today was an eventful day.  First, I mortified myself in a grown-up situation.  Let's just say that the phrases, "It sounds like a Seventeen 'this happened to me story'" and "But what if the magic does happen?" were used.  You can use your imagination for the rest - and you're most likely correct.

In addition, I went on quite possibly the worst date of my life.  Words cannot describe how horrific it was.  It was so bad, in fact, that I walked out.  Yes, you heard me correctly:

I walked out on a date.

On another note, I did a pretty good job with the Abs Diet today.  I started my Monday with an Almond Joy smoothie, which was essentially skim milk, almond butter, chocolate protein powder, chia seeds, and ground flaxseed.  It was yummy.  My morning snack was the "Guac & Roll," which consisted of a whole wheat tortilla, turkey, and 1/4 avocado.  For lunch, I had leftover Penne and the Jets with a hardboiled egg, and my afternoon snack was a "Cucumber Tube": a hollowed out cucumber half stuffed with cottage cheese, chives, basil, and parsley.

Note: I abhor cottage cheese but am trying really hard to like it.

Our workout today was way too complicated to share, as I cannot remember every single exercise.  I can tell you that we did approximately 15,000 variations of push-ups, that I cannot do a "dreidel roll," and that I sweat ungodly amounts.  Also, I wish there was footage of all of the beautiful faces I make during these workouts.  That would be entertaining.

Dinner tonight was consumed hurriedly tonight, in hopes that it would make the Date From Hell go by faster.  Despite it being awful company (albeit entertaining stories), dinner was good: Pineapple Delight from Thai Flavors.  It was essentially stir-fried tofu, pineapple, peppers, and onions in a sweet (yay, carbs) sauce over white (oops) rice.  I only ate a few bites of rice and saved half of the tofu-veggie mixture, possibly for lunch tomorrow.

Oh, and I had a glass of wine to survive the date.  And another glass to recount said date with friend.

But it's okay.  As a result of the aforementioned grown-up situation, I cannot drink for a full seven days starting tomorrow.  So, today I used my drink allotment for the week.  

And I'm okay with that.

Check ya later, suckas.


  1. Yuck. That stinks about the date. I'm sorry to hear that. Good for you for getting out there! We really need to get together and compare notes. Seriously. Des Moines is way too small! ;)

    I can't believe you ABHOR cottage cheese! I adore it, could eat everyday, pretty much DO eat it everyday. I can't give up dairy because of it! lol

  2. Cottage cheese is gross. It's all cheesy and cottage-y.

    I've never had the stones to walk out on a date. Although, I should have. On many. Actually, almost all of them.

    I wonder what he told his friends??