Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Dissertation

I have another favorite thing to share with you all tonight - something I've been debating on sharing for weeks.  On one hand, I want to tell you all of the amazingness that has happened in my life, and on the other hand, I don't want to succumb to the "TMI" beast.

But, then I figured that since I pretty much spew verbal diarrhea on a daily basis and tell everyone more than they want to know in real life, I should probably let it all hang out on the Internet as well.

You're welcome.

Anyway, for quite a while I have battled some intestinal issues.  They haven't been bad enough (since college, at least) to see a doctor, but they haven't exactly been pleasant.  (I am trying to go into as few details as possible here, but you should hear the thoughts rambling around in my brain right now.  Again, you're welcome.)

Let's just say the "runners' trots" were hitting me pretty much all. the. time.

But I digress.  When I started this whole healthy-living thing, I also started taking some supplements: a multivitamin (in chewable form), fish oil (in horse pill form), and....wait for it...Metamucil.

It makes me so happy to know that Metamucil's target age is 65 and that - at 28-years-old - I'm raving about it to anyone who will listen.

But let me tell you: it is ah-maze-ing.  I feel so much better when I take Metamucil daily, and I can totally tell when I've missed a dose.  I just feel so much...cleaner....when I take it regularly.

And there's no doubt why.  The health benefits are fab: containing 100% natural psyllium fiber, Metamucil is clinically proven to help lower cholesterol, making it not only good for your digestive system but also for your heart and overall well-being.

But now for the nitty-gritty (literally): Metamucil does not taste wonderful.  I have to constantly stir, stir, stir so that it does not clump up in the glass of water.  (It's probably not good that I try to choke down two huge capsules of fish oil at the same time, but oh well: kills two birds with one stone.)  And I'm not going to lie: I use my chewable vitamins as motivation to gulp the whole drink down.  Seriously.  They taste like gummy bears.  And, apparently I'm like five.

Despite how much I abhor actually drinking the stuff, it is OH. SO. WORTH IT.

Yep: this advertisement pretty much sums up everything I wanted to tell you without having to go into graphic detail.  You're welcome.

And now, dear readers, I will leave you with a funny.  One of my friends/colleagues and I are somewhat mature young adults who are trusted with the task of educating the youth of America.  For some reason, however, we cannot stop talking about poop - like, ever.  We even go so far as to email each other our Dookie Dissertations.  So when I was planning this post for you all, I - naturally - thought of my Number Two gal.  And when I went to search for an appropriate image to illustrate our conversations for you, this is what I found:

For the fourth time tonight, you're welcome.

Back to our regularly scheduled postings - complete with my boring workout regime and food diary - tomorrow.  Until then, know that I stayed on track with my diet today but did not work out due to a previous commitment.  (This was planned, so don't yell at me.)

What's the grossest (or most beneficial) supplement you've ever tried?  Care to share any dookie dissertations with the rest of us, or is that just something I find appropriate to discuss?

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