Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rest for the Wicked

I think Cage the Elephant's Ain't No Rest for the Wicked could be the anthem for my life.  As you all know, I am busy pretty much all. the. time.  With my full-time job as a teacher and the many part-time "jobs" that accompany that (i.e. serving on a bazillion committees, coordinating a grant, etc.), writing for LivingSocial, selling jewelry through Stella & Dot, and serving as co-chair of Planned Parenthood Young Leaders, I don't have much free time.  In what little spare time I do have, I'm working out like crazy, trying to cook healthfully, attempting to clean my apartment, and oh, hanging out with my friends.

As you also know, I've been sick lately.  I just finished up one round of antibiotics and had to start another two yesterday for a raging ear infection.  

I don't know if it's the exhaustion from being busy, the fatigue from being über sick, the effects of the antibiotics, or what, but today was a breaking point.

I feel like poop.

I bucked up and went to school because it was a horribly busy day: field experience in the morning and three meetings in the afternoon.  I headed home as soon as possible and crashed on my couch until about 7:30 when I peeled myself off for dinner.

That means that yes, I skipped my workout.  (And yes, I skipped my weekly bowling league.)

I was so worried about missing boot camp, so I called my mom to help me rationalize.  She told me it'd be stupid if I worked out in the condition that I'm in, so I took that to heart and slept through our challenge day.  I also knew that since it's the challenge day, it'd be a harder workout than normal, and I really don't think I was strong enough this afternoon to complete it.  So, it was probably for the best.

Today was also not a good day food-wise.  It started out fine with a peanut butter and blueberry pancake.  I missed my morning snack, though, and when the 12 pizzas arrived for my student meeting, I ate a piece of cheese pizza.  And a pumpkin and chocolate chip cookie from a colleague.

No self-control.

When I got home, I ate a Blackberry Parfait Martini courtesy of the Abs Diet, followed by a graham cracker a couple of hours later.

While the only thing that sounded good to me this evening was Kraft Mac & Cheese, I peeled myself off the couch to join BFF for dinner at Star Bar, our favorite hangout.  And while I really wanted pasta in sauce of creamy deliciousness - or a whole vat of Star Fries (tater tots) and honey mustard - I instead opted for blackened catfish tacos with a cabbage slaw and avocado salsa and a side of black beans.

Sadly, I went 230 calories over my daily allotment today.

Oh well.  I'm sick.

Stay well, friends.  This bug is not fun.

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