Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Saturday

It took every ounce of energy I had to get motivated for this morning's workout.  My alarm was set for me to wake up for the 7 a.m. class, but I stayed in bed until it was time to get up for the 8:30 class.  And all the while, I was making up excuses as to why I couldn't go.  It was pathetic.

But, I put my big girl panties on and worked out.  And it was a toughie!  (Prior to the workout, I ate a bag of PowerBar Energy Gel Blasts.)

We started with junkyard dog for our warm-up:

We then broke into two groups - still with our partners - for four sets of exercises, switching throughout.  So first, I did globe jumps until my partner finished 30 Russian twists, 20 split squat jumps, and 20 leg raises.  Then we switched so that we each did the aforementioned twice.

Then we did three plank pulses, 20 mountain climbers, five box jumps, 10 jumping pull-ups, shuffles between five horizontal kickboxing bags, and then an army crawl the length of the room (omg); we did this circuit twice and ended by holding a squat.

For the third set of exercises, I did switch kicks.  (Please take a second to click that link and actually watch that video.  It cracked me up.)  I had to do switch kicks until my partner finished 30 plank abs, 20 power Jacks (jumping jacks in the squat position), and 20 supermans (and then switched so that we each did the aforementioned twice).

The fourth set of exercises included five full sit-ups followed by five squats, five lateral box jumps, 10 triceps dips, five jumps over the horizontal kickboxing bags, and a crab walk the length of the room; we did this circuit twice as well and ended by holding a plank position.


When I got home, I made a delicious breakfast:

It's an Abs Diet recipe (can't remember the name and too lazy to stand up to get the cookbook).  Basically, it's two eggs scrambled with scallions, topped with salsa, two tablespoons of cheese, and hot sauce, all wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

And of course I drank a couple cups of coffee.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.

After breakfast, I lounged for a bit, watched some TV, read some blogs, tried unsuccessfully to sleep for a little bit, and then got ready for the day.  I thought now would be a perfect time to show you my new glasses and a hot new necklace:

Giant forehead.  Wah wah.

After my personal photo shoot, I went to Caribou with one of my friends (Mags) to grade some papers.  While there, I had about half of a medium cappuccino and a chocolate chip cookie.  After all, today is my free day!

I was highly unmotivated and only finished about 20 papers...which means tomorrow's going to be chock-full of essay-grading.

Oh well.

When my lack of motivation hit an ultimate high, I hit the road to run some errands.  First stop: Michael's.  I needed to pick up some new forms for my new jewelry.  Stay tuned: photos coming shortly.

After Michael's, I hit up the mall.  My new contacts FINALLY came in, so now I can see without grime covering my eyes.  (It's so weird I'm single.)  I also stopped at the Gap to pick up a few plain t-shirts to show off my awesome new jewelry.  I got two long-sleeved boatneck tees (one gray, one black), and two short-sleeved vee-neck t-shirts (one fluorescent pink - think 1992 - and one navy blue).  They're all super cute, obviously.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: the unveiling of my jewelry.  Here's what my dresser currently looks like:

I have too many chunky necklaces to store them any other way.  (There are three necklaces, actually, showcased on the tallest form.)

And here's the bottom layer of my top dresser drawer:

And the top layer of that drawer:

Eeeeeee!  I know the photos aren't the greatest, but you get the idea.

Mags and I went to Hoshi to use up a Groupon that is nearing expiration, and we left filled to the brim.  I swear: I could eat sushi every single day and be a really happy girl.  Too bad it's so expensive - and so filled with white rice.  Wah.

Tonight, she and I are going to meet up with some guys to go dancing.  This should be interesting for a number of reasons:

  1. This is yet another blind date - albeit, inherently better than the last since I'll have a built-in friend.
  2. I am hugely uncoordinated and usually only dance when I am three sheets to the wind.
  3. I cannot drink tonight due to the antibiotic I am taking.
  4. Mags is one of the prettiest people I know, and she's supposed to be my wing-woman.
Regardless, I know we're going to have a blast.  We tore up NYC, Chicago, and can definitely do a number on Des Moines - even sans cocktails.  :)

Ciao, bellas!

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