Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Am I Normal?

Doesn't the title to this post sound like a puberty pamphlet?  I thought so, which is precisely why I kept it titled as such.

Alas, I have already gone through puberty and know that it is normal.  What I am referring to tonight is the fact that I can barely move today.  For example:

  • I had to hold onto my sink to get off the toilet this morning.
  • I cannot take off my sports bra without screaming obscenities.
  • I cannot straighten my left arm.
  • If I lean too far back on the chair, my trapezius screams at me.
  • I walk like an 80-year-old man.
Are you there, God?  It's me, Emily.  Am I normal?

This post would have photos of my breakfast and dinner if I was physically able to get off the couch to grab my camera.  Unfortunately, you're out of luck tonight.

Anyway, breakfast was a delicious whole wheat waffle topped with two tablespoons of Omega-3-enriched peanut butter, a handful of blueberries, and a handful of chopped walnuts.  It was SO good.

And again, it kept me full until my midmorning apple and hard-boiled egg.

Lunch was another filling serving of Three Amigos Chili, and it was definitely still as good as leftovers - even when I didn't heat it up.  I think I'm going to freeze the rest of the chili, as I still have a ton of it left and don't think I can eat 18 more meals of chili without getting sick of it...

My afternoon snack was more Tailgate Mix as well as some celery.  It tided me over through the Workout From Hell.

Today was "Challenge Day."  None of us had a clue as to what this was going to entail.  Our warm-up included jogging in place, doing high-knees and butt-kicks and fast-feet, and learning proper technique for kettlebells and squats.  Interjection: this was excruciating.  (One of the girls behind me wasn't doing her squat fully, and the instructor said, "Come on!  You can do this!"  The poor girl was like, "I'm too sore!  I can't get down there!"  It was so funny.  And sad.  And true.)  

But I digress.

For the actual workout, we were to get into groups of four and do 2012 reps of various exercises.  Um, WHAT?!  The coaches then clarified that we were to do 2012 reps as a group - which still meant we'd be doing 503 by ourselves.  The exercises included:
  • Push-ups
  • Kettlebell cleans + squats
  • Butterfly sit-ups
  • Kettlebell jacks
  • Jumprope
  • Walking lunges
  • Step jumps
  • Medicine ball squats
  • Partner planks + lunges
  • Kettlebell shoulder press
  • 3 lengths of the room "bear-walking"
We had 23 minutes to complete all of this.  I don't believe anyone finished all of the exercises, but I did a pretty darn good job: I finished everything except for the partner planks + lunges and the bear-walking, and I was halfway done with the Kettlebell cleans + squats when they called time.


I came home and had to get ready to meet a friend out, so I whipped up a Virgin Cabo Daiquiri smoothie (courtesy of the Abs Diet Cookbook).  The recipe called for mango, but I used all of mine in the mahi-mahi dish, so I added extra strawberries.  I also added chia seeds for additional health benefits.  It was SO GOOD - and, like I've said a million times, filling!  I will definitely be making this again - like, tomorrow.  :)

I strayed from the diet and had about three-fourths of a Bud Light this evening, but obviously, that could've been a lot worse.

I just finished one freelance gig, and I'm debating whether to do the second one now or in the morning.  I believe I will opt for the latter, as I am about to fall asleep right now.



  1. What a great first week! I'm sure next week you won't be so sore! At least, I hope you're not!

  2. Emily, you're doing soooo great! I love the title and the "Are you there God?" comment! LOL! I've been this sore before when I worked out with a trainer. I remember I couldn't zip my pants or even squeeze a bottle of ketchup. No joke. My roommate had to zip me and squeeze ketchup. So, to answer your question: yes, you're normal, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. Keep up the good work