Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Star of the Show

Sometimes I feel like my colleagues are more interested in my dating life than I am.  (Maybe that's why I'm single?)  Today over lunch, I was regaling one of the guys with all of my crazy adventures, and he asked about online dating.  I showed him what my profile looked like, what guys' profiles looked like, etc.  He then asked to see Mr. Overbearing's profile.  I was hesitant because if I clicked on his profile, he would be able to see that I had been "checking him out."  But, always the good decision-maker I am, I decided what the heck, why not?

Interestingly, I received an email this evening with the subject line "hey":

I wanted to say Hi!  I hope your doing good!  You have a beautiful smile!  Do you have big plans for the weekend?

Um, remember how we emailed back and forth a couple of weeks ago?  And then how you texted me nonstop for approximately five days?  And then how you sent me a picture of flowers from a website?  And then how I told you that I was overwhelmed?  And then how I said it wasn't going to work out?  And then how I canceled the date?



On another note, today was good, albeit extremely busy.  I had a couple of meetings after school, and then I headed to the nail salon.  I had acrylics for a couple of months because when I get stressed, I tend to destroy my fingernails, and they end up looking absolutely disgusting.  Well, on Monday, one of my nails broke, and then I got bored and ripped them all off.

Yep, that feels about as good as it sounds.

So, today I went back to get them fixed - and I opted for shellac.  Check it, yo:

  • Dang, my nails look goooooood!
  • The polish looks like it's black, but it's not: it's a deep purple.
  • Hands are very difficult to photograph.
  • My hands are about the size of a five-year-olds'.
  • I think that my hands and my mom's hands look exactly the same - and I love that.
  • I have a scar below my thumb from playing the "eraser game" in high school.  My mom was very angry (duh, I was stupid), and she said that I'd regret it since the photos of my wedding ring would be marred.  (First, that day is faaaaaaaar off, and second, you can't even see the scar.  I sure showed her.)
After getting my nails did, I headed to boot camp.  It was really, really hard today.  We did a "Super Bowl" workout: we split into the Giants and the Patriots and then were paired with someone from the opposite team.  We did four sets of exercises:
  • Globe Jumps --- T-Plank Push-Ups
  • Box Step-Ups --- Kettlebell Sit-Ups (legs straight in front of you and kettlebell in hands straight behind head - bring your knees into your chest and your kettlebell to your knees)
  • Half Burpees --- Three-Shuffle Suicides (shuffle to the left three times and touch the ground; shuffle to the right three times and touch the ground; repeat)
  • Medicine Ball Sit-Ups --- Squat Jumps
While the Giant was doing the first exercise, the Patriot was doing the second.  And we did these Tabata style, which means that we worked our butts off for 20 seconds and then rested for 10; we did each exercise for five rounds, which means that each exercise lasted two-and-a-half minutes.  For each round (each bullet point above), we kept track of our total reps.  The partner with the most reps after each round earned a point for his/her team.  After the four "games" were completed, we had an "overtime," which was a straight two minutes of burpees:

Today's workout just about killed me.  Wow.

Afterwards, two of my good friends - Mags and Kiara - came over for dinner.  It took forever to make (or maybe it just seemed like forever because it was late), but it was well worth the wait:

I made crab cakes topped with a mango/avocado salsa, roasted Brussels sprouts, and star fruit.  I lightened up the crab cakes by using plain Greek yogurt instead of light mayonnaise.  And while I love the recipe with the butter sauce, I thought that maybe that was a bit too unhealthy (even though it was Cooking Light).  So, I topped it with a delicious salsa.  Roasted Brussels sprouts are quite possibly my favorite vegetable, so that was a no-brainer.  And the star fruit?  They were right next to the mangos at Hy-Vee and looked very interesting, so I thought, why not?! 

It was the best $2.99 I've ever spent.

For real.

They're like candy.

It is way past my bedtime.  Peace out, Girl Scouts!

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  1. Your hands are ridiculously small as proven to me last weekend. And mine are not.