Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Hot Mess

Hello!  :)

First, I'm sorry for the irregular posting lately.  I will get back on track to my once-a-day writing, um, today.  And let's start with a Weekend Update.

Yesterday I woke up around 8:00 and decided to completely skip my workout.  Thursday and Friday were pretty tough days, and I was super sore.  Plus, my shoulder was killing me.  So, instead of hitting the gym, I made an appointment for a massage (after breakfast with BFF, of course).  It turns out yesterday probably wasn't the idea day to schedule an appointment for a place in West Des Moines:

It was our first major snowstorm of the year!

While I generally abhor winter - snow, ice, and everything else about it - I was really happy to see snow.  I love living where there are four seasons, and so far this year, we've really been missing out.  Now that there's snow, it actually feels like the fourth season.

Isn't my neighborhood beautiful?  All of these photos were taken from my front yard.

The massage was great.  I went to Massage Heights in West Des Moines, and Wendy was my LMT; I highly, highly, highly recommend her.  She was super knowledgable and asked me a million questions about my shoulder (and said that I won the prize for being in the worst shape all day - muscle-wise, that is).  She said she was glad that I came in when I did because I was thisclose to starting to spasm.  While she worked out my shoulder muscles, I was nearly crawling off the table in agony: I was sweating, and I was nearly passing out because I was holding my breath.  It was so painful.  But, I knew that what she was doing was helping me in the long run.  Before she started working on the rest of my body, she put Sombra all over my upper back: it's a lotion like Icy Hot that people with arthritis use.  And it worked wonders.

She also suggested I drink loads and loads of water with lemon to help flush out the toxins, ice at least three more times yesterday, and slather on some Icy Hot before I went to bed.  I did all of that stuff, and I'm feeling a bit better.  However, I have another appointment with her for next Saturday as well.

After my massage, I ran some errands and then met Kiara to discuss our plans for spring break.  (Side note: we were initially going to meet at Champps for lunch, but then I realized that even their salads were over 1,000 calories.  Um, what?!  So, we opted for Panera instead.  I had the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad with a baguette.)  We decided that we're going to the Caribbean but are debating on a cruise or an all-inclusive.  Right now, a cruise is looking to be cheaper, but we have an email in to a couple of travel agents to check specifics.  Of course, I'll keep you posted.

When I got back home, I stayed put for the rest of the evening.  I finished up season one of Samantha Who?, watched this week's Grey's Anatomy, and saw half of Easy A before I passed out.

So, other than skipping my workout, eating crappy breakfast, and chowing down on an Il Figaro from Gusto for dinner, yesterday was pretty good.

Today, I slept until nearly 11:00.  I am getting sick, and all of that sleep was very much needed.  When I finally rolled out of bed, I whipped up an Ultimate Breakfast from the Abs Diet:

I could only eat half of it because that is a massive - albeit absolutely delicious - meal.

I then spent about an hour devising my weekly meal plan and my grocery list before heading to the store with BFF.  We had to go to three different grocery stores for this week's food: Trader Joe's, Super Target, and Dahl's.

We then went back to our respective houses to whip up a Super Bowl feast.  I made the following:

Surprise Cookies: cookies with a mini-Oreo center.
Buffalo Chicken Poppers with an Avocado-Bleu Cheese Dip: by far the hit of the night.
Caprese Skewers with a Balsamic Glaze
Clearly I skipped my workout again today.  But, I'm oddly okay with that.

My stomach, however, is not okay with the choices I made at the Super Bowl party.  Was it really necessary to stuff my face with everything in sight?  Probably not.  Did it taste good?  Yes.  Am I regretting it?  Also yes.

In addition, I am getting sick.  All day, my voice has sounded like I'm working for a 1-900 number, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be non-existent by tomorrow; and as the day's gone on, I've started feeling physically sicker and sicker.

Teaching tomorrow should be fun.

But, that's why I'm home early from the Super Bowl party.  As much as I want to stay awake and watch The Voice, I think I'm going to have to crash.  Not feelin' so hot.

G'night, y'all.

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