Monday, February 27, 2012


I was going to start this post with how rough my day has been, but as I was cooking dinner tonight, I had a perspective check:

Yes, today was rougher than yesterday: I went to work when it was dark, and I left work when it was almost dark.

Hi, Car.  I'm so sorry you're lonely.
I had longer-than-expected meetings, I had schedules I had to set, I was irritated with dumb boys, I missed my workout, I had a million and a half things to grade, I couldn't get the computer system to work, I was doing school stuff until 9:30 this evening, etc.

It was a rough day.

But you know what?  Yesterday was a great day.  Tomorrow will also be a great day.

I am alive, and I am so blessed, grateful, and thankful for everyone and everything I have.

Before I tell you about my meal plan for today, I wanted to show you what I cooked for "family" dinner last night:

Mmm...  Mussels Josephine, a la Bonefish Grill.  We also cooked up some Bang Bang Shrimp for an appetizer (but were too hungry to take a photo) and ate some delicious crusty bread to soak up the lemon butter sauce.

If that doesn't sound healthy, I don't know what does.

This morning came way too fast - or perhaps the Oscars lasted way too late.  I whipped up a Virgin Cabo Daiquiri to take to school for breakfast and my morning snack.

Unfortunately, it didn't fill me up too much because I was starving come lunchtime.  Good thing I brought the Ultimate Breakfast (Abs Diet): oatmeal, berries, banana, etc.  It was even good cold!

After school, I scarfed down an apple prior to my meeting and then had two pieces of chocolate (one mini Reese's and one mini Hershey's with almonds) and four Twizzler's during the meeting.  (It lasted much longer than I had anticipated - which was totally cool since we got tons of great work done - but I was a hungry girl!)

At 6:30, I finally headed home.  Before I sat down to do work, I cooked up quite possibly the most delicious meal I've ever made - modeled directly after the Colossus Salad from Court Avenue Brewing Company.

OMG.  It was so good.  I made falafel.  Who makes falafel?!  This girl.

It was really easy.  I mashed up a can of chickpeas, mixed in about half an onion, some parsley, some cumin, some coriander, some salt, and some flour to make it all stick together.  I rolled it into balls (hehe...balls) and baked it (instead of frying it) to save on calories.  (At first I had it in the oven at 350, but then I opted for 450 instead - I think that was the better option.)

I also topped the salad (romaine and spring mix) with roasted portobello mushrooms, tzatziki sauce, hummus, kalamata olives, pepperocinis, feta, and a balsamic glaze.

And on the side?  Toasted pitas, very helpful in scooping up the delicious salad stuff.

Go make this.  Thank me later.  For real.

Also, check out what I got in the mail on Saturday:

It's a MiiR bottle, courtesy of a LivingSocial voucher from a few weeks ago.  The company has some super fun color combinations to customize your bottle however you choose, and their are also trendy "skins" to select to make your bottle even more individualized.  Furthermore, the water stays cold  

The best part about this company, however, is that for every bottle that is purchased, enough money is donated to provide safe, clean drinking water to someone for an entire year.

Way cool.

I hope you all had a wonderful day today.  And if you didn't, just remember: 

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