Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lazy Day

It's Saturday night, and guess who's home alone?  This girl!

But it's by choice, I promise.

I have had something every single night this week, and I was in dire need of a night to myself.  And so far, it's been glorious.

But let's rewind to yesterday.

School was good but busy.  I was intending to leave right after school to go work out, but I got side-tracked by an amazing conversation with a student.  He is very knowledgeable about racial issues, and talking with someone so well-versed in issues of privilege (let alone a 14-year-old!) was unreal.  So, it was a nice distraction from working out.

However, by the time our conversation was over, I saw two of my friends/colleagues heading to the weight room for their makeshift Crossfit workout.  Because it was still icy outside from the previous day's storm, I decided to skip by three-mile run and exercise with them instead.  The Workout of the Day (WOD) yesterday was a 500m row, 12 dead-lifts, and 21 box jumps.  Apparently the boys were pretty sore from the week's workout, so they skipped the dead-lifts.  Because there were only two rowing machines, I ran half a mile while they did their rowing and then did the box jumps followed by planks.  I did two reps while they did three.

And then I made them do planks.

When they were putting stuff away, I tried the rowing machine.  And loved it.  It was super fun and quite difficult - and this morning, my back and shoulders were definitely screaming at me.

It was great.

I went home and showered and lounged around for a bit, and then I headed to our boys' basketball game.  I knew I'd be going out afterwards, so I had to look somewhat put together:

I got lots of comments on my hot heels.  My favorite, though, was when I was walking to the concession stand to grab a water and popcorn (for real: should be a food group) and a little girl, probably about seven or eight, was staring at me and whispered, "I really love your shoes."

It was so cute.

After we won the substate game (!!!), Kiara, Mags, and I headed to Star Bar for a late dinner.  Shockingly, I opted for something other than the fish tacos - the veggie burger!

I ate about half of the burger and three-fourths of the salad (with balsamic vinaigrette).  It was really, really good.  Naturally, I had a glass of cabernet.  By about 10:00, though, I was exhausted and ready to head home.

This morning, I woke up and had breakfast with BFF.  It was quite the interesting experience.  We tried to go to Waveland, our favorite breakfast dive, but it was so packed that we couldn't even find a parking spot.  So, we headed downtown to Centro.  Apparently they do not open until 11:00 on Saturdays.  So, we walked a couple of blocks (in cold, windy weather and not enough layers) to Django, which was also closed.


So, for the second time in 14 hours, we headed to Star Bar.  And had a delicious breakfast:

I opted for the omelette that was jam-packed with goat cheese (mmmmmm), red peppers, and spinach.  On the side were potatoes mixed with garlic, red onion, and more red peppers as well as a couple slices of sourdough bread.

Needless to say, I was a member of the Clean-Plate Club this morning.

After breakfast, I went home to sleep some more.  For approximately four consecutive days a month (you guess which four days those are), I have raging headaches.  Unfortunately, one of those days was today.  When I was researching with my Bible, I found something called "menstrual migraines" and am thinking that might be what these are because they are quite debilitating - and something I should probably discuss with my doctor.

Sorry for TMI, but long story short, that was Nap One of many today.

At 2:00, I met my good friend Amber out for lunch.  I haven't seen her forever, so it was really, really good to catch up - and something that we need to do much more often.  We hit up Palmer's, so obviously I opted for my regular meal: the salad that you've seen nearly 8,000 times.  I also rewarded myself for a week of hard work with the rice krispie treat that has been tempting me for weeks.

I then went home and slept for probably four hours.  Srsly.

When I woke up around 8:00 p.m., I cleaned my apartment a bit, ran to Gateway for dinner (a margherita pizza), and lounged some more.

And I'm not going to lie: I'm probably going to head to bed in about a half an hour.

I need to get a four-mile run in tomorrow, and I'm hoping to wake up around 8:00 to do so.  My parents are coming for brunch, and I am so, so excited.  I haven't seen them since Christmas, so it'll be really great.

Don't worry: I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.  :)

G'night, y'all!

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