Saturday, February 11, 2012


I know you've been waiting with bated breath for the big secret that was to be revealed on Thursday.  Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for one more day: I want to tell you about today.

If you remember, I posted my race schedule awhile back.  Well...I have not done a phenomenal job of sticking to that.  In fact, I skipped my first race because I was in the throes of boot camp and could not fathom doing two workouts in one day.  And today, I was supposed to run five miles but only did the 5K instead.

It turns out that was the better option, though: I was sick all week, I've only run a few times in the past several weeks due to boot camp, and it was -13 degree windchill.

Did you catch that?


If it hadn't been for my dear friend Kiara, I would've stayed in my warm bed this morning.  It is all her fault thanks to her that I got my workout in for the day.

Now, what does one wear to run 3.1 miles in the bitter cold of an Iowa winter?  Let me show you.

But first: my apologies for the spandex.  And the hair and make-up: I literally rolled out of bed at the very last minute possible and threw on running garb.

Step One: running tights and running tanktop (the only tops I wear to workout).

Step Two: another pair of running tights and a moisture-wicking top.

Step Three: two layers of socks, a very, very warm hooded workout top, and my marathon headband (because it keeps my ears warm).

Step Four: yet another really, really warm workout top and an athletic hat.

Step Five: yet another hat and a fluffy scarf - because it was the Red Flannel Run!  Kiara and I were going to go get goofy costumes last night, but we decided dinner, packet pick-up, and watching a high-school basketball game (we're conference champs!) were more important.

Step Six: bib number, timing chip, smile, and requisite race picture!

While I was cursing Kiara as I was lying in my warm bed this morning, hoping she would say we shouldn't run, I am very happy that we did it.  It was a fun race - pretty flat - and it went by fairly quickly.  In fact, I believe it was my fastest 5K yet at 32:37.  I understand that this is in no way a wonderful time for 3.1 miles, but I was pretty pleased that my pace was under 11 minutes, and I was also pretty darn thrilled that a.) I survived the race, and b.) I ran it decently considering the fact that I have been sick and have completely neglected running due to boot camp.

I will be back tomorrow with a recap of the rest of the weekend - and, as promised, the surprise from Thursday.

But for now, I'm off like a prom dress.  :)


  1. This is really so amazing! I loved all the photos with layer after layer! Good for you, Emily! You rock!!!

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  3. FYI, Cuddl Duds makes an activewear layer that I LOVE. I wear it under my running pants (but the bottoms are legging-style, so they could go under leggings). It wicks away moisture and helps keep me warm, especially when it's windy/cold outside. :)

    Congrats on getting out there to race on such a cold day--especially when it would have been so easy to back out due to the cold.