Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I apologize for the sad post this morning; but, it really helped putting all of those thoughts into writing.  So, thank you for putting up with me.

Now, on to our regularly scheduled programming:

This picture reminds me of the blonde at the soda machine...

And it also reminds me of my workout this afternoon!

Maybe my partner and I didn't win, but we did come in second and we did only lose by three reps - to a team with two men!

Side note: I'm pretty sure this wasn't a competition.  However, if you tell me to write my name and reps on a board when I'm finished, by God I'm going to compare myself to everyone else up there and consider it a match-up.

For our warm-up, we ran one lap around the building.  (I'm guessing one lap was maybe about a quarter of a mile or so.)  We then did various "in-place" exercises like high-knees, butt-kicks, lunges, etc.  After the warm-up was complete, we broke into pairs and numbered ourselves as "one" or "two" for the real workout.  There were three sets of exercises:

  • Super Burpees: start standing and get down to plank position.  Hop your feet to your hands and stand up.  Lift up the kettlebell that is between your legs and curl it and push to extension.  Get down to plank position, and repeat.
  • Half Turkish Get-ups (since this was only the half and not the full, we did not stand up)
  • Body Blasts: start with the kettlebell to the outside of your right foot.  Bend down to pick up the kettlebell and bring it to your chest.  Curl the kettlebell and then raise it above your head and squat.  Set the kettlebell down to the outside of your left foot.
The workout: Partner One ran another lap around the building while Partner Two did Super Burpees - and then we switched.  Then Partner One ran a third lap while Partner Two did Half Turkish Get-ups.  Finally, Partner One ran another lap while Partner Two did Body Blasts.  We then repeated this circuit twice so that each of us ran a total of seven laps (including the warm-up).  

All the while, we were to count the total number of reps our partner set completed.  As you can see from the above picture, Jeremy and I finished second and were only three reps under the finishers.  I was pretty excited.

I really enjoyed the workout today, largely because we were able to run - and the weather was so nice that we did outside running!  However, I didn't feel totally drained like I usually do on challenge days.  Honestly, if I had had more time (had to go to bowling!), I probably would've found something else to do - maybe another run.

Granted, I'm feeling pretty sore right now.  And exhausted.

Side note: I was supposed to shoot for completing the Super Burpees with a 20-pound kettlebell, but due to my recent back issues, I stuck with the 15-pounder instead.  The coach was fine with this when she saw my back:

If that's not hot, I don't know what is.  

When I went to my chiropractor/PT appointment this afternoon, she taped me up with kinesio tape, which is - as far as I understand - supposed to keep stuff (for lack of a better word) where it's supposed to be.  I used this during my marathon training for my hamstring and for my ankle, but it never felt quite like it did when she taped me up this afternoon: it feels really, really supportive.

On a semi-related note, I am going to try to make an appointment for a massage tomorrow.  My back muscles are über sore, likely from the kettlebell workouts as well as the two adjustments I've had this week.  I need some relaxation.

On a completely different note, I have lost 5.2 pounds since January 11th when I started keeping track of my weight and food intake with My Fitness Pal.  I'm pretty excited about that!

Also, today was a good day for eating.  I had a Greek yogurt for breakfast, followed by four strawberries and a fourth cup of almonds a couple of hours later.  For lunch, I had some leftover White Chili.  (Side note: apparently I've had the recipe wrong all these years.  It only calls for one can of cannellini beans and one can of Great Northern beans.  Oops.)  My afternoon snack consisted of an apple.  For dinner, I headed to Palmer's and got another salad: romaine and spinach topped with red peppers, peas, cucumbers, raisins, turkey, an egg, and raspberry-poppyseed vinaigrette (and accompanied it with a cup of fresh fruit).

I have been eating fruit like it's going out of style, but I don't feel like I've been getting enough vegetables.  I was craving salad like it was nobody's business.  What a weird thing to crave, huh?!  I guess it was just my body's way of telling me it needed some green.

In addition to eating well today, I also drank way more water than I needed to (especially this evening/tonight), and now I fear that I'm going to be up every hour using the restroom.  Ugh.  I just need sleep.

So, that's what I'm going to do.  G'night!

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