Monday, April 22, 2013


Happy Monday!

It's weird how blogging falls by the wayside when grades are due, isn't it?  Today marked the end of our second-semester 12-week grading period, and since my students had major essays due last week, I spent the entire weekend grading.

When I say the entire weekend, I'm not exaggerating much: I spent from 9:00-4:00 on Saturday grading essays and from 12:00-8:00 on Sunday grading essays.  I then graded more today, and thankfully, I'm done for a little while.

I'm also exhausted.

The reason I stopped grading at 4:00 on Saturday, though, was super fun: my sister, my new friend from Farrell's, MB, and another friend and I ran the Glow Run!

My sister and FF (Farrell's Friend) and I met at 4:00 and hit up Nobbies and Target for some glow swag.  We each bought some tights, some flashing rings, some glow jewelry, and more.

After, we hit up La Hacienda for the pre-race meal of champions: margaritas, nachos, and enchiladas.  It was, by far, the most "cheating" I've done on a cheat day thus far.

And it was amazing.

Shortly after we got back to my house, the other girls joined us, and we got glow-ified prior to heading downtown to join the 12,000 other crazy people.

FF, Sister, MB, Kanye me, Rach
I mean, just look at MLK!  This was the entire race route, and it was insane.

I thought I would cut my shirt to make it ├╝ber cute, but it turned out to be way too cut and just annoyed me like crazy throughout the entire evening.

So, I took it off and threw it away.  :)

Check out the bling!  I'm pretty sure that this is a.) the biggest medal I've ever received, b.) the brightest medal I've ever received, and c.) the only medal I've ever received for running anything less than a 10-mile race.

Cracked me up.

But I love it.  :)

The Glow Run was really, really fun, but I'm not sure I'll do it again.  I mean, it cost $35, and the majority of the money benefits some company in Kansas City (with a small portion of proceeds going toward a non-profit in Iowa).  Also, it was SO packed.  We got downtown about a half hour before the race started, but we spent that entire time parking and got to the starting line just as the first heat was leaving.

We then made the best decision of our lives and, instead of waiting two hours to start the race, skipped the first portion and met up with the second wave as they started running.


Like I said, I enjoyed the race (hello, dressing obnoxiously and hanging with girlfriends!), but I'm not sure I'll do it again.

Tomorrow's going to be a crazy-busy day with strength-training, ACT-proctoring, working, and running the Grand Blue Mile.  So, I'd better hit the hay now.  :)

Peace out!

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