Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wanted: Sleep

OMG.  I am absolutely exhausted.

All throughout the day I was thinking, Gosh, I need to write about this!  However, my brain is so fried from working non-stop that I can't think straight, let alone recall things from earlier.

Essentially, my entire day was spent working.  I left my house at 7:00, arrived home at 5:00, worked until 8:20, played volleyball, returned home at 9:45, and continued working until now, 11:30.

After school today I made a quiz, selected a passage to read tomorrow, created a PowerPoint for notes, and made a purposeful seating chart.  Check out this chaos:

I'm arranging students by reading level as well as learning profile, and it takes a lot of work!  The students made these cards the other day in class.

Right now you can see the back of the card, and it includes their favorite book and two interests in the middle and their strengths regarding three different learning preferences (triarchic, multiple intelligences, and modality) in each of the corners.  After they completed that, I put their reading grade level equivalency in the bottom.  I think it's going to help a ton this year.  And, students had fun decorating the front:

Obviously while all the cards were splayed on the floor, I needed some help:

Clearly, my house is a hot mess.  You'd think that I'd be too busy to make it a disaster area, but no: I need to do dishes, put away the different shoes I've worn all week, do laundry from the last couple of weeks, and about a bazillion other things that will drive me crazy if I start thinking about now.

I am just overwhelmed.

I even forgot to take pictures of breakfast and lunch today, so I guess I'll just tell you what I had. :)

After blogging last night, I was so tired that I spaced out and forgot about the overnight oats!  So this morning, I cooked up some oatmeal and mixed it in warm with the Chobani.  It was still delish.  Mid-morning snack was a berry SOYJOY - gosh, I just love those things!  And lunch was a Flatout chicken wrap with Laughing Cow cheese (french onion flavor), hummus, and lettuce and a side of grapes.  It was pretty darn good!

Interestingly, while I had lunch yesterday at 10:45, lunch today was at 1:00.  This is going to wreak some havoc on my body, I think!

During the faculty meeting and professional development this afternoon, I chugged my Nalgene and ate some carrots - I don't know why, but I am always starving during the morning/afternoon, but I'm never hungry in the evening.  Like today, I was so busy with schoolwork that I nearly forgot to eat.  Because I didn't have time for anything else, I grabbed a salad from Palmer's on my way home:

I'm pretty sure this salad weighed four pounds.  I asked for a small, but the worker heaped generous scoopings of turkey, provolone, mushrooms, black olives, red bell peppers, and an egg into it.  I ate maybe a fourth of it and am hoping the dressing (raspberry vinaigrette) doesn't wilt the veggies too much by lunchtime tomorrow!

While I was working this evening, I made some tea:

My mom always makes us tea when we're feeling sick or when we just need a good calming down.  So, I took out my favorite mug and made some calming Tazo tea - complete with honey, just the way Mama makes it.  I love this mug so much because it reminds me of my mom; this is the one I always remember her drinking from, so it's the only one I use now.

Here's a self-portrait of my gorgeous mama and me when she came to visit for a night on the town last winter:

Speaking of parents, I got the most beautiful card from my dad today.  It was so sweet that I think I want to carry it with me and look at when I am bummed.  It really made my day.  I love my pops.

My best friend and I went to Omaha for a charity luau party this summer with my parents, and we (okay, just my dad) got a little crazy with the accessories.  It was so much fun.  P.S.: how much do we look alike?!  :)

Can you tell I'm tired?  I'm just blabbing now.  Time for bed.  Sweet dreams, everyone!

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