Thursday, September 2, 2010


I think it's going to be a short post tonight, folks: again, I'm pooped.

I woke up early as usual this morning but kept hitting snooze until 6:00; I just couldn't pull myself out of bed any sooner.  Plus, because I showered last night after volleyball, I was simply going to crimp/curl my hair and call it good for the day.  After the iron was heated and ready to go, though, I decided to be lazy instead and kept my hair straight and a hot mess.  After all, I work with 14-year-olds all day - who cares?  :)

For breakfast I made another delicious concoction of oats and strawberry-banana Chobani.  YUM.

I ran out of Chobani today, though, so tomorrow's breakfast will, I'm sure, be less-than-satisfying.

I also ran out of iced tea yesterday.  This morning I trekked to Caribou and ordered a LARGE Northern Lite vanilla latte over ice.  It was just enough caffeine to keep my eyes open through my morning classes.

Despite a few incidences involving particularly, um, feisty students today, my classes went well.  I introduced a new idea in the classroom: teams.  Essentially, I put my desks in pods of four with a laminated book cover in the middle; that is their team.  Over the course of several weeks, the teams have opportunities to earn points toward a prize.  Today's points were earned according to how well they did on a syllabus quiz.  I thought the concept could have gone either way, good or bad, but they got so into it!  They took everything seriously and were totally excited about how well their team did.

I'll try to remember to take (and post) pics of the team system and the fun activity I mentioned a few days ago.  Check back tomorrow.  :)

For lunch today I brought leftovers from last night: that massive salad from Palmer's.  I was worried that it might be icky since it already had dressing on it, but it was even more delicious than it was last night.

I stayed at school until about 4:30 today, but most of that time was spent talking to my team members: as silly as it may sound, my colleagues are pretty much my Des Moines family.  Because our classrooms are under renovation this semester, we were assigned different rooms across the building.  I miss my guys.

When I finally got home, I ate a yummy peach and debated - for way too long - whether or not I wanted to work-out today.  I ended up deciding yes, of course I wanted to work-out, and went to soccer practice.  I'm really glad I did: it was a beautiful almost-fall day, it was tons of fun, and while I'm sure I didn't work as hard as I could have, I got a fairly decent work-out - and several bruises to boot!

I'm also very glad I worked out because of what I ate for dinner...  BFF and I had planned to get together after I was done with soccer for a bite to eat, a glass of wine, and - of course - Jersey Shore.  For quite awhile now I have been craving Pad Thai - and tonight I finally succumbed:

Just look at that mound of food they give you.  O...M...G.  I ate about half of it, along with one of these bad boys:

I know this was not the best choice.  However, Thai Flavors has the absolute best crab rangoon I have ever tasted, and I only ate one.  So there.  :)
On her way over tonight, BFF stopped at the store and, unbeknownst to me, picked up dessert.  She knows me too well.  All week - for some crazy reason - I have been craving chocolate.  And ice cream.  Like, it was so bad on Tuesday that I am thankful there is not a Dairy Queen located between my apartment and downtown Des Moines because I probably would've stopped for a French Silk Blizzard on my way to trivia.  Instead, BFF brought me a slice of French Silk tonight:

Yes, I ate dessert, but look how good I was!  I didn't even eat half of it!  :)  Now it can satiate my cravings for the next couple of days.

So despite being not-so-good tonight with food, I could've been a lot worse.  I used enough restraint so that I have at least one or, hopefully, two meals remaining from this one order, and I feel absolutely perfect right now - not too full, not hungry at all.

Go me.

And in case you were wondering, Jersey Shore was off the chain.  I never cease to be amazed by their decision-making skills, and I can't help but wonder how MTV and Trojan have not yet struck a massive marketing campaign.  The smooshing, I tell ya: unreal.  Their moms must be so proud.

Alright: I'm off to bed.  I am so excited to sleep.  And I'm also super pumped for this three-day weekend - I believe I will be doing a lot of lying on the couch.  :)

Sleep tight!

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