Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady

This blog is going to be a little difficult to type because I have not one but two kitties curled up on my lap, much like this:

Today started off late as usual - I just have not been able to get out of bed the past several days!  I finally rolled out at 6:30, a full 55 minutes after my first alarm went off.  Obviously, I wasn't going to have much time for breakfast, so I grabbed what I needed to prepare something quickly and hit the road.  Once at school I taught half a class (a "skinny") and then devoured breakfast:

A cantaloupe bowl!  I took the halved cantaloupe that I bought on a whim yesterday, filled it with strawberry-banana Chobani, and topped it off with a few Honey Nut Cheerios.  There's just something about requiring crunch in every meal that I eat...

In this time period, I also met with my new insurance agent.  I am so excited that I switched because for the exact same policy (and better deductibles), I am now saving approximately $250 a year.  The monthly savings are significant, people - significant!

A mere two hours later, and it was already time for lunch!  I brought leftover wild rice & chicken salad atop a bed of fresh spinach.  It was just as yummy today as it was yesterday.

The afternoon went okay, nothing too eventful.  However, I did forget to tell you one thing - that is kind of related to something that happened today.  So...every day that students are in my class, they journal.

They can write about whatever they want, or they can write about the prompt I give them.  I do not grade students on what they write or how they write it; I only grade that they WRITE.  I read through their journals every now and again and make comments, write back and forth with them, etc.  Here are a couple of stories regarding these:

  • Yesterday, I was reading through one of my male student's journals and noticed that he (or someone at his table) had written in the very bottom corner of one of the pages in very small print, "Ms. B is sooooooooo hot!"  Yes, I'm Ms. B.  Let's talk about awkward.
  • Today, I was reading through one of my female student's journals and read that she thought a little differently about me, calling me every name in the book.  While it was a fun entry to read with passion to my colleagues, I was not so sure how to deal with it.  I didn't respond to the student, and then when she came to class today to write in her journal again, she apologized.  We'll see how long the apology lasts.  :)
After school was over today, I met with PROUD students again - brand new students who just joined yesterday due to my power of persuasion - to paint the sidewalk outside of the school in honor of Homecoming week.  While I would have loved to have taken photos of my amazing kids, I thought that might not be so great to broadcast over the Internet.  So, here's what we have:

The outline in chalk...
Starting to paint...  I like that you can see the students all working together on this!  They compiled two separate sketches to create one really beautiful piece of art.
I helped, too: I can just stand around and watch painting happen without getting my hands dirty (literally!), too.
As you can see, it was a great afternoon.  We were there until nearly 5:00 working on our square.  It's a really great concept that these kids created: the light bulb is illuminating the world, filling it with knowledge.  However, the wire is frayed and the light bulb is cracked because knowledge isn't always perfect.  Part of the world is still covered in darkness, and that is where PEACE (what's written below in tag font) and PROUD come in.  Our purpose is to bring the light of awareness to the part of the world that is still in the dark.  As an English teacher, I was very pleased with the symbolism these boys used!  :)

I had about a 20-minute break between street painting and soccer practice.  Yet again, I shouldn't have gone.  My feet are absolutely killing me, and I hardly did anything!  I'm sure my team is thinking why did we let this girl on our team?!  She just stands there!  What a lazy bum!  I haven't told them how much pain I am in - I sound like a total wuss.  I'll call tomorrow for an appointment with an orthopedic person, and I'll take it easy at my game on Thursday.  Oh, and I'll keep popping pills like Advil's going out of style.  :)

It's Tuesday, so I headed to trivia shortly after soccer.  I packed along the last of the wild rice and chicken salad, and a toasted/spray-buttered Thin Bun.  I devoured it - and got many compliments as to how delicious it looked.  While I brought celery and peanut butter to keep me full later in the evening, I ended up eating a few grapes, chunks of cheese, candy corns, and popcorn that other team members provided.  Oops.  Oh well.

But since it's Trivia Tuesday, you get a fun fact all about ME!

Today's fun fact:  I still sleep with my bunny and blankies - Flopsea and White & Green Blankie.  I have a very hard time falling asleep if I don't have my blankies under my head, kind of serving as easily moldable pillows.  Through the years they have acquired some damages - bigger holes, primarily - but they're still beautiful.  Flopsea kind of just hangs out on my bed, but I love having here there.  She used to be fluffy and white with a blue satin ribbon, but over the years she has become skinny with all of her stuffing going to her booty, slobbery from the dog carrying her around, burned from a Jello incident with Nana, and gray; she is absolutely beautiful.  These three "things" (I hate that word because they are so much more than that!) are my most treasured and valuable possessions; other than my kitties, these are the items I would grab in a fire.  They've been with me through childhood, college, several relationships, wisdom teeth surgery, sob sessions, various vacations, etc.  I'm sure they'll be with me at my wedding, at the birth of my children, etc.

Today's second fun fact, much related to the fun fact above:  I am crazy.

And also, I am absolutely pooped.  I am a little cranky, and I think a night of sleep is just the cure!

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