Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oscar the Grouch

I am feeling super grouchy today - I think it has to do with my allergies being so darn bad.  I did not sleep well at all last night, I woke up with my head feeling like it weighed 100 pounds, and I had a bloody nose for the first time I can remember!  I'm pretty sure I will crash as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I woke up this morning and ate Chobani oats:

I mixed 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup UVAB and nuked it for three minutes.  Then I stirred in a honey Chobani and a glob of dark chocolate peanut butter.  If you haven't tried that, do it now - I'm eating some with dry oats right now and loving every bite.  (I know that last bit doesn't sound too delicious, but I'm fulfilling a craving.  Can you guess the other reason I'm grumpy tonight?)

I was in a huge rush this morning - gotta get a good parking spot! - so didn't take a pic of my lunch.  But, I had a Flatout wrap and a big chunk of grapes.  Everything was delish and surprisingly filling.

After school, I got my butt kicked once again at my friend's in-home yoga studio.  We all took last week off, so this week was especially difficult.  I know I'm going to be really sore tomorrow based on how sore I already am!  Just to give you a little idea, this is just one new thing we attempted today:

I look pretty good, don't I?  :)

I then made a mad dash to purchase some equipment for soccer, ran to the grocery store, and was home just in time to cook an amazing dinner for me and one of my volleyball teammates.  Before our final game of the season, we feasted on sweet corn as well as mozzarella-stuffed turkey bruschetta burgers (recipe adapted from Kristin, my source for lots of amazing meals):

I swear that underneath the bruschetta topping and balsamic glaze there is a turkey burger oozing with melted cheese.  I cannot even begin to describe how absolutely decadent this meal is.  Wow.

Unfortunately, we couldn't pull off a win in our final game.  It was thisclose, though.  We almost did it.  Although we didn't have a legitimate win all season, we had tons of fun every night.  I'm really glad I signed up for volleyball, even though I didn't know anyone at the start.  It was a great experience, and it's a super fun sport.

Yesterday I learned about a neat opportunity I forgot to mention: Sweet Equality.  This is an event put on by One Iowa to raise money to continue supporting marriage equality.  Essentially, it is a fundraiser in which guests pay for a fairly expensive ticket and then drink booze and eat chocolate all night.  The opportunity: bake desserts for the competition.  A few weeks ago, I made these amazing cookies for a lingerie-themed bachelorette party:

It was my first-ever attempt at baking sugar cookies from scratch and making my own icing.  They turned out a little burned (stupid oven), and the icing was a little thicker than my liking for decorating.  However, they were quite the hit.  Obviously this is not the design I would use for a gala like Sweet Equality, but I still think I could do some pretty cool things.

What are your thoughts as to designs/decorating tips I could start working on for the event?

The application is due on the 17th, and I would like a little idea as to what I'm going to be submitting prior to sending in the registration.  Help a sista out, please!

Okay - I'm off to bed now.  I think after work tomorrow, I might head to Raccoon River (site of the 5k) to try my hand (foot?) at running again.  There's a fun 5k coming up in a few weeks that I just might enter...  I think I messed up my foot/ankle at soccer last night, though, so keep your fingers crossed that this works out for me.  :)

Later, Alligator.

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