Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Empty Plate Club?

Today was quite the busy day - like usual.  :)

I slept in a little this morning because I showered last night and just straight-up didn't so much care what I looked like.  After all, I work with 14-year-olds.  When I got to school, I realized it was picture day.  Awesome.  My no-shower, hot-mess look will forever be immortalized in the yearbook.

I woke up so late that I had to bring breakfast to school with me - and I didn't even get a chance to eat it until our advisory period - 9:00 or so.

Not long after breakfast was lunch!  My student teacher may have made fun of me while I was taking pictures of my food.  Then I reminded her of who wrote her evaluation and letter of recommendation.  :)

I enjoyed a delicious Flatout wrap, stuffed with turkey, Laughing Cow cheese (French Onion flavor), and a 100-calories packet of guacamole.  For a side dish, I brought along a Mango/Honey Stonyfield yogurt.  Holy moly, was that delicious, or what?!

Every Wednesday this year is an early-out for students so that teachers can collaborate and improve upon their professional development.  It is a nice mid-week break, too, because while we are crazy-busy working non-stop, we are also able to talk to other grown-ups and figure out what's working best for all of us.  It's great.

After school, I went straight to the doctor's office.  I tried to get in with an ortho specialist, but they couldn't see me for at least another ten days.  This is perhaps the most irritating aspect of my job: making appointments.  Other professionals do not understand that teachers do not have flexible schedules.  I cannot leave at 10:15 just because that is the appointment time you are giving me; I have 30 students to be teaching, and then five minutes after I'm done educating them, another 30 walk through my door.  Ugh.  So, I went to my general practitioner - who sent me to the new physician's assistant.  I had an x-ray that showed no broken bones, but she wasn't able to explain what was wrong or really how to fix it.  She tried wrapping it with an ACE bandage, admitted to not really knowing how to do it, and then advised RICE - rest, ice, compression, elevate.  I was already doing three of the four - I'm not super excited about the "rest" component.  I guess I'll give it a week or so and then call a specialist.

Here's a picture of my beautiful feet that I took while bored in the doctor's office:

(I swear I really don't have cankles - it's the angle of the camera...)  Admittedly, it doesn't look very swollen - can you even tell which one is injured?  (Hint: it's the left one.)  But let me tell you - and this isn't just me whining, which I've been known to do on occasion - it freakin' kills.  Like, KILLS.

I finally got home around 5:30 or so and then made an impromptu trip to the bustling metropolis of Knoxville, Iowa, to take my sister out to dinner for her birthday.  We went to a delicious Chinese restaurant:

Upon arrival, we were both utterly famished, so naturally inhaled everything in sight, including:

Crab Rangoon - two each - oops
And about a fourth serving of my Kung Pao Shrimp with white rice (I wish they had brown).  And as I'm browsing through my pictures, I see that I apparently thought the empty plate was a lot more important than the food...  Um, what?!

At least the plate is pretty...
After dinner, we took a short trip through Knoxville, stopping at the Kum & Go (yes, the real name of a gas station) for fuel and air for the flat tire, and then we went to Dairy Queen, where Sister had an Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard, and I had about half of a French Silk Pie Blizzard, sans whipped cream.  I was sooooooo full.

It was delicious and a great time with my little sis.  Plus, I have oodles of leftover Chinese food!  I'll try really hard to remember to take a picture tomorrow!

Today's grand total:

Calories: 1,591
Fat: 69.5 grams
Carbs: 156 grams
Protein: 85 grams

Not the best day nutritionally overall, but it wasn't as bad as it could've been for a birthday celebration!

Peace out, girl scouts.

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