Saturday, June 21, 2014

Five Favorites

This is the tenth edition of Five Favorites, which means that over the course of the past three months, I have shared with you 50 of my most favorite things. I hope you've enjoyed reading these posts as much as I've enjoyed writing them!

1. Old Navy Active

I know what you're thinking: Emmy, you've already professed your love toward Old Navy workout clothes 1,000 times over. And you'd be correct. However, I wanted to tell you about my new favorite find today.

Normally, I purchase these workout tops:

The Knotted Racer-Back Tank

This particular cut is my absolute favorite because it isn't skin-tight (hello, muffin top with spandex capris), and it's a bit longer than most workout tops.

But, the hotter it gets, the more I realize that because the tank is 65% polyester and 35% cotton, it tends to soak up the sweat and get really baggy, really fast.

So, I decided to try one of the new tops:

The Cut-Out Mesh Tank

This particular tank is also a bit longer than most, but it's more fitted and less flow-y. It's 91% polyester and 9% spandex, so it doesn't get bogged down and bagged out by sweat. Also, the whole tank has a cut-out pattern (almost lacy), so there's great ventilation. And as an added bonus, it's super cute: wearing this top, I rode my bike down to a pub to watch the World Cup match last weekend, and I saw one of my sister's friends who commented on how much she loved my top and how she couldn't believe it was a workout tank, as it was something she'd wear to go out.

So yes, I will be wearing this (in one of the three colors that I have already purchased) all summer. I'm going to have some sweet tan lines. :)

2. Maybelline Define-A-Lash Waterproof Lengthening Mascara

Mascara is the one cosmetic item that I always wear: whether I am going out on a date or running a race, I throw on a coat or two of mascara before I head out the door.

Also, I hate spending money on make-up. I want the best product for the least amount of money, and I want items that are going to last a while.

Enter: Maybelline mascara.


I love this mascara because it is good-to-go after one application, it goes on smoothly and doesn't clump up, and it seriously does define my lashes. And because I always buy the waterproof kind, it doesn't smudge, even when I tear up, wipe my eyes, etc.

I'm sure it makes me look exactly like this:


Oh, and it's also less than $8 at Walgreen's. Done and done.

3. My Road Bike

I talked about this road bike nearly a year ago, but I have to talk about it again this year since I have been on it at least three or four times a week this summer.

I love my bike and think that I would be lost without it. It could probably use another tune-up, but I absolutely love everything about this bike -- even the clip-in shoes that have caused a couple of embarrassing moments this year.

Also, I have been doing a lot of work on my bike this summer -- all by myself. I figured out how to attach a pump, another cage, how to adjust my seat, etc. I wholly understand that these are "basic" things, but since I am pretty much the furthest from a fix-it kinda gal, I feel quite accomplished.

I'm pumped (and terrified) to take 'er out on a 50-mile ride later today.

4. Report Sandals (Ryella)

I wear a lot of flip-flops during the summer. But, since I've been a little fancier this summer than ever before (read: going on dates and trying to dress to impress), I decided I should buy some big-girl shoes to match the dresses that I've been living in.

I must have walked the aisles at DSW a dozen times before settling on these bad boys. I really liked them from the get go, but I was also nervous that they would get too hot and sweaty on our super humid days, that I wouldn't like the enclosed heel, etc.

But I am so glad that I settled on this pair. They're so cute, they go with everything, and they totally dress up a plain ol' dress very nicely. Since they only cost $35 and considering I've worn them every day for the past two weeks, I'd say I've already gotten my money's worth.

5. Orange is the New Black

You guys: I binge-watched this show. And when I say "binge-watched," I mean binge-watched. I'm pretty sure I made it through all 13 episodes in a matter of three days.

And now I'm in withdrawal.

I love so much about this show (while also acknowledging its faults). I love that the cast is 95% female and that there are strong, well-written characters for the actresses. I love that it shows varying relationships between women. I love that it shows the stories and lives behind incarcerated individuals. I love that episodes can make me laugh and cry, can shock me and touch me.

Seriously, I need Season Three a lot sooner than June 2015.

What are some things that you've been loving lately? Are you an OITNB fan? What TV shows hook you for hours on end?

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