Sunday, August 17, 2014

Round Two

I thrive on routines.

I am sad that summer is over. I mean, I love sleeping in, bumming around the house, reading a book a day, traveling extensively, etc.

However, I'm not sure what it is about oodles and oodles of free time, but there is just something about it that does not lend itself to productivity for me. For instance, other than a few races, countless bike rides, and a week of boogie-boarding, I had a hard time exercising. And while I did not eat greasy fast food every day, I did not necessarily eat (or, let's be real, drink) super healthfully either.

As a result, I have gained back a lot of what I lost during my Whole30 days, and I am feeling not so wonderful.

So, now that school is starting again (and hence a routine is back in place), I have decided to give myself an extra little healthy-lifestyle boost and start another Whole30.

Tomorrow, friends, Whole30 Round Two starts.


There will be a few differences between this Whole30 and the Whole30 (or Whole57 or whatever it ended up being) that I completed a few months ago. First, as many of you know, I discovered that I am allergic to many of the frequent-flyer foods. The one that I am most worried about with this go-around is sweet potatoes, as that was an easy carb to add to dinner. I am going to attempt to simply omit those from my diet, but if I find that I need a little extra something with my evening meal, I am going to substitute rice, even though that is technically forbidden on a true Whole30.

In addition, I am not going to be as strict with some of the meat. For instance, I bought chicken sausage at Trader Joe's today, even though it has minute amounts of brown sugar. It was only $3.99 as opposed to the $7.99 I would pay at Whole Foods for completely compliant sausage. I will be doing the same for bacon: I will try to find the least non-compliant type, but if it has a trace amount of sugar, I'm not going to say no.

I obviously wouldn't recommend making these substitutions during your first Whole30, but since I've already done a couple months of eating wholly compliantly, I am going to do a variation of the program that will work for me.

So, who wants to play along with me? A good support system is paramount to Whole30 success.

How were your healthy-living habits this summer? Any amazing recipes you think I should try for Round Two?

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  1. You can have any kind of potatoes now- just FYI not sure if you just can't so sweet potatoes or if it's all potatoes! Good luck!

  2. I'm right there with ya! I have still gotten my runs in every week, but eating has been less than steller. Jeans are tight....I might do this with you, but a little looser, lol.