Sunday, February 23, 2014

Whole30 -- Day 0

Before I say anything about the Whole30, y'all have done this, right?

Me too.  Every time I carry my groceries from my car to my second-floor apartment.

Today, however, my body told me that maybe that wasn't the greatest idea: I pulled the biggest muscle EVER in my lower back. Carrying groceries. Seriously.

It hurts so bad that I can barely move, and I may or may not be whining incessantly (yes, to my cats).

So learn from my mistakes: two (or three or four) trips are better than killing yourself.

And now, on to the Whole30.

Today was my last day of freedom. Therefore, I celebrated accordingly: egg souffle, coffee cake, and cranberry juice for breakfast; Zio's pizza (one piece of Thai and one piece of sausage and mushroom) for lunch; a few Good 'n Plenties and Whoppers for a snack on my drive back to Des Moines; and sushi and tofu spring rolls for dinner.

There was not a whole lot of "whole" food eaten today.

In Omaha this weekend, I spent a lot of time reading It Starts With Food (which I highly recommend, even if you aren't considering the Whole30) and putting together my meal plan for Week One:

Self-created template.  You're shocked, I know.

It took me quite a while: I had to find recipes, make sure they fit "the rules," and plug them into my meal plan in a way that would work for my schedule. (Interestingly enough, on my way back to Des Moines, Mags texted me and Linds and said that she was following one of the meal plans that I had pinned. I didn't even realize that I had pinned something so wonderful -- and something that would've saved me so. much. time. Oh well.)

After I made my meal plan, I wrote my grocery list:

Produce is in the left-hand column, protein is in the middle, and non-refrigerated stuff is on the right. Looks expensive, right? It was.

On my way back to Des Moines from Omaha, I stopped at Costco and Trader Joe's for the majority of my list.  Unfortunately, I am going to have to hit up HyVee or Dahl's for a few random things (cilantro, kimchi, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, short ribs, and coconut aminos (okay, maybe Whole Foods for that last one).

Here's the haul:

It is just so weird that I strained a muscle trying to get all of this upstairs, huh?

So yes, it was pricey: I spent about $75 at Costco and $80 at Trader Joe's. However, I bought a lot of organic meat at Costco, and I will only use a little of it this week; I am good on ground beef and chicken breasts for a while. I also bought a ton of veggies (like, a HUGE bag of broccoli, tons o' mushrooms, and two bags of Brussels sprouts); I am assuming I will have some of that produce as leftovers into next week, so I will likely not need to spend nearly as much on produce then. Hopefully. I still probably have another $20 to spend at a regular grocery store on the afore-mentioned could-not-find-today items, but we'll see.

I'm rationalizing the cost like this: I will not be spending money at restaurants, and I will not be spending money on booze. So while my grocery bill will be a bit higher, I will likely be breaking even (or close to it) because I will not be dining out or drinking.

Again, hopefully.

But back to what I did today:

Prior to putting all of the groceries away, I did just as the Whole30 suggests: cleaned out everything* non-compliant from my cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer. I currently have five paper bags of food waiting for one of my former students to pick up as soon as she gets off work.

Right now, I am three hours from changing my life. I am so excited, as I know that I am going to feel 150% better, I know that I am going to look 150% better, and I know that I can do it. However, I am also nervous, as this is a big lifestyle change.  Not only am I going to be redefining what I eat (and therefore my physical response to it), I am also going to be redefining how I eat (and therefore my psychological response to it).

It will be hard; but, it will be worth it. And, most importantly, I am worth it.

Here's to a new beginning!

*Okay, okay: I kept some beer, but I swear I will not touch it until the 30 days are over.

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