Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ten-Week Testing

Well, friends, my first ten weeks with Farrell's is finito.  But, my lifestyle change is just getting started.

Beaverdale Farrell's: 5 a.m.
Overall, I am quite pleased with my results.  Here are the numbers for the entire ten weeks:
  • Weight: lost 13 pounds
  • Body fat: lost 2.6 percent (although I strongly disagree with the method of measurement for this one)
  • Chest: lost 2.75 inches
  • Waist: lost 5.75 inches
  • Arm: lost 0.5 inches (and the muscle definition is awesome)
  • Thigh: lost 1.75 inches
  • Hips: lost 3.5 inches
I lost a total of 14.25 inches.  Unfortunately, only 2.75 of those were in the last five weeks.

Let me repeat: I am overall happy with the results.

But, I'm not going to lie: I was quite bummed at first.  I mean, how did I lose eleven-and-a-half inches the first five weeks and then not even three the last five weeks, especially when I was doing more than what was "required" of me?  I was doing everything absolutely perfectly, not cheating at all on my nutrition plan, and adding running to the mix.  What the heck else could I have done?!

So yes, I was initially disappointed.  However, a few things happened that altered my perspective.

First, after my testing was done (more on that in a second), I was visibly upset, and my coach could see that.  Later in the day, he texted me to ask how I was doing.  When I said that I was fine and returned the question to him, he said that he was bummed because he knows how hard I tried and how disappointed I was.  He then told me that I was his mission for the year-long challenge and that I have come a long way and look pretty darn good.

Me and my coaches
Second, we received our before/after photos last night.  (I was really, really hesitant on showing you these.  I mean, I am not at all happy with my after photo.  In fact, several of us were talking about how we should really consider our after photo our beginning photo, as we are seriously considering this a lifestyle change, not just a ten-week experiment.)

Clearly I won the how-much-body-oil-can-one-girl-use contest. 
But I digress.

After sharing photos around the table, one of my teammates said, "You know, I would love to have my after photo look like your before photo.  And I would die to look like your after photo.  You look great."  That really put my glumness in perspective and made me appreciate what a change I made in my own body.

Me and The Boy
Finally, I talked to the Nutrition God (aka my brother) today about how to adjust my macros to take into account my extra workouts.  (One thing my coach and I worried about was that I wasn't getting enough calories -- specifically carbs and proteins -- to make up for the running that I was doing, especially since Farrell's only takes into consideration their workouts when assessing the amount of food we should be eating.)  When I told him how bummed I was about the lack of progress the second five weeks, he said that that was exactly how it should have been: I no longer have as much to lose as I did the first five weeks.  He then equated it to The Biggest Loser: the contestants lose 12 pounds a week because they weigh 400 pounds.  I cannot lose 12 pounds a week, nor can I expect to lose a bazillion inches in five weeks.  He said as long as I continue doing what I'm doing -- eating healthfully and conscientiously and working out like a madwoman -- I will continue seeing results, albeit not as quickly as I did initially.

He then warned me to not get discouraged about these lack of results because then I will want to quit, and that is not okay.

Lindsay and I being goofballs.
So, there you have it: my ten-week results.

As I have said repeatedly, though, this is not just a temporary thing.  Rather, it is a lifestyle change.  In order to ensure it is a forever thing, I emptied my bank account into the Farrell's cash register and signed up for a year of kickboxing, resistance training, and nutrition guidance.  And, I was asked to become a coach.

Starting June 8th, I will be helping a group of athletes who are brand new to the Extreme Body Shaping program.  And I couldn't be more excited.

Stay tuned for a Dam to Dam recap tomorrow!

Peace out, yo.  :)


  1. You look great! Over 5 inches lost in the waist alone?!?! That is amazing! Will you be teaching in Beaverdale? I just started going back to Kosama today and I do really enjoy the kickboxing days, so I'm thinking perhaps Farrell's wouldn't be a bad idea. I just like that Kosama is a monthly membership and it's 6 different workouts. But if I do decide to move to Farrell's, I'd go to Beaverdale since I just live a few blocks away!

  2. You look awesome! And how much stronger and fitter are you?! Try and be pleased for yourself because that was an amazing 10 weeks. Your discipline awed me! Melissa