Monday, June 17, 2013

Back to Reality

Last time I chatted with you, I whined about a lack of motivation.  After trekking to Omaha for a whirlwind weekend of maid-of-honor duties for my sister's wedding, I am ready and raring for a healthy week ahead.

Before we talk about this week's plan, however, let's recap the weekend!

Around noon on Friday, I headed to Omaha so that I could meet my mom at Hot Mama, the super-cute boutique where she works.  (Seriously, when is this coming to Des Moines?  On second thought, hopefully it stays away: I'd lose all of my money there.) I tried on some awesome pieces but did not buy anything just yet: after all, I want to continue losing inches, and if I'm spending a bazillion dollars for jeans or tops, I want them to last a while.

Once my sister's fiance and his parents got to town, we headed to Upstream Brewing Company, the site of their rehearsal dinner.

We were at a brewery, so naturally I sampled a delicious beer: the Firehouse Red Lager.  It was so good.  I could've probably downed several of them, but I kept it classy and stuck to just one.

For dinner, there were sooooo many good choices, but I opted for the grilled chimichurri chicken:

It was good, but I wish it had more of the avocado spread (so little you can't even see it in the picture!). The jalapeno tortilla was yum.

After dinner, we beat the storm home and laughed through a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity and more booze (naturally).

On Saturday, we headed to her shower.  It was thrown by two of my mom's girl friends, and it was absolutely beautiful.  The decorations were gorgeous, the food was fantastic, the drinks were delicious, and the company was unparalleled.  Plus, my sister totally scored some sweet gifts.

On Saturday evening, we hit up the country club (the site of the ceremony and reception) for our tasting.  We all loved each of the food options (we all wanted full portions of each!), but the bride and groom narrowed it down to one dish and a vegetarian option.  We then headed to our neighbors' (my second parents') house for appetizers, cocktails, and entirely too much fun.

It was a great -- albeit very busy -- weekend.

Now, back to the healthy-living portion of the blog:

Like I mentioned before, I spent the last two weeks not working out as hard as I had the previous ten weeks, and I was not eating as well as I did either.  Instead, I took a few much-needed rest days from Farrell's and then when I started coaching, was assisting my team rather than working out myself.  And, with The Boy's birthday weekend and a house guest, I was eating a lot of chips and dip, burgers and hot dogs, and Funfetti cupcakes.

And, like I did prior to starting the first ten-weeks of my transformation, I felt like poop.

I haven't had as much energy as I'd like, I have felt more bloated than normal, and I have just not felt good about myself.

Gee, maybe healthy living -- good food and lots o' exercise -- has some positives.


So, immediately after returning to Des Moines from Omaha yesterday, I put together my meal plan and hit up the grocery store.  I bought more protein powder, oatmeal, sunflower butter, string cheese, apples, tomatoes, and asparagus, and I grabbed up the ingredients to make delicious dinners like Soba Noodles with Miso-Glazed Tofu and Vegetables, Tilapia with Olive and Bell Pepper Cous Cous, and Spiced Chops with Mango-Mint Salsa.  (Can you tell I like Cooking Light?)

I also have a lot of good workouts planned for this week: I'm hitting up Farrell's every morning and am going to try to get to See-Us Run Des Moines at least once or twice, but it's hard when I have an hour of downtime between workouts.  I hate just sitting around in my sweat and usually get super tired and end up just going back to bed -- sometimes in my sweat, sometimes not.

The Boy sure is a lucky man, huh?

However, despite having healthy plans and good intentions, I already have some barriers to 100% success.  First, I am hitting up happy hour with a girl friend tonight.  I'm planning on having one drink (the Georgia Jackass at Americana -- yum), and if we eat, I'll opt for the hummus plate.  Tomorrow, The Boy and I are heading to Uncork Your Passion, PP's annual event for which I was an underwriter. It is at a local winery and always has the best appetizers.  Since I paid hella-money for this event, I'm going to enjoy.  Finally, mi madre and I are heading out of town (again) on Friday night for another bridal shower on Saturday.  Food will be out of my control for those 24 hours, but I'll do my best.

So, there you have it: I'm back to (mostly) reality and ready to return to tip-top shape!

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