Friday, June 7, 2013

Five Things Friday

I was thinking about doing a "Five Things Friday" random-ish post today, and then when I was catching up on all of my favorite blogs, I realized that there is actually a link-up of the same name going down today.  So, I decided to join in the fun.

Since this is my first official link-up, hopefully I do it correctly.  Technology and I sometimes don't get along.  I must get it from my mama (who, by the way, needs to get back to bloggin'!).

But I digress.

1. School's out for summer!

I hope you all sang that in your best Alice Cooper voice.  While I love my kiddos, summer could not have gotten here soon enough this year.  It was a rough year for some reason, but I made it and am looking forward to getting refreshed (and jazzed for next year) this summer.

Per tradition, we had our annual golf outing as soon as final grades were submitted.

The weather could've cooperated a bit more (it sprinkled on us for about 20 minutes and was just an overall dreary day), but we had fun nevertheless.

I had a blast with one of my besties, Mindy, and two of our awesome guy pals.

(Side note: Mindy is one of the two friends I have had the longest.  She and I met the summer prior to our freshman year at Drake, were good friends all four years of undergrad, started teaching together at the same school in 2005, went to graduate school together from 2008-2009, and have been besties since.  I love this girl and am so thankful she's in my life.)

2. Birthday Weekend!

The Boy's birthday is on Sunday, and I have quite the weekend planned for him.  I'll fill you in on his major birthday present later on, but suffice it to say that it is pretty much the hardest secret I've ever kept -- and pretty much the best gift I've gotten anybody in the history of ever.  I. Can't. Wait.

Tomorrow, we are having a grill-out at our apartment.  Cross your fingers that we won't actually get the storms that the meteorologists are predicting, as right now we have 20+ people coming and cannot hold that many in our itty-bitty one-bedroom apartment.

As soon as I finish this post and put on some real clothes, I'm going to head to the store and spend approximately a bazillion dollars on groceries -- and then cook the day away.  I'm so pumped.

3. Party Time, Excellent!

Ah, good ol' Wayne's World.

Anyway, like I said before, I'm headed to the store soon to prep for the party tomorrow.  Here's what's on the menu:
My sister is going to come up and help me cook today, which will make the process even more fun!  Eeeeeeee!

4. Coach Emily

I had my first official duties as a Farrell's coach last night, and tomorrow I'll head back to the gym for the initial testing of the new 5 a.m. crew.  You know that I absolutely love Farrell's and cannot wait to inspire the new crop of Extreme Bodyshapers.

5. A Free Week

I have been super dedicated to eating well and working out like a madwoman the past ten weeks, and while I've stuck to these principles for the most part this past week (Week Eleven of the transformation), I have been a little more lax.  I skipped both resistance-training days this week (Tuesday and Thursday) and have not been super great about what I've been eating.  For example, yesterday I inhaled a bowl of ice cream as well as some Whopper's.

And it was glorious.

In addition, I know that this weekend (well, pretty much tonight through Tuesday) will not be my healthiest due to Birthday Fun, but I pretty much don't care.  While I haven't felt deprived lately, I haven't given myself free reign to eat whatever the heck I want either.  I'm still planning on being relatively cognizant, not going totally overboard with unhealthy foods, but I'm not going to be eating salad and half a chicken breast either.

I'll get back to Dedicated Emily on Wednesday.

Happy Friday, y'all!  What are your weekend plans?

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  1. cute blog! new follower over from the link up:) I love that y'all do an annual golfing day after the last day of school... fun!