Thursday, March 29, 2012


for coconut water!

Did you think I was going to say Cocoa Puffs?  I do love those - especially when they turn the milk chocolatey - but I haven't had that much sugar for breakfast in for-ev-er.

I have been obsessed with coconut water for several months.  It is ridiculously refreshing, and it's coined as "nature's sports drink" for its added benefits to athletes.

First, it boasts an average of 569 mg of potassium, which is nearly twice the amount in a banana.  Inadequate supplies of potassium cause sore muscles and muscle cramping, so consuming appropriate quantities is super important, especially for hardcore athletes.

Second, it only has 160 mg of sodium, whereas sports drinks like Gatorade have almost 200.  (Some health experts believe that traditional sports drinks are better in this regard because the body loses so much potassium during strenuous exercise.)

Third, it's just a nice break from plain ol' water.  :)

However, it is quite pricy at $2-4 per bottle.  Considering I take down the whole thing in approximately 15 seconds, that's an expensive drink.

Oh well: for a treat every once in a while, it's not bad.

But, when you have two cans in one day (like I may or may not have done today), it's just straight-up silly.

Let's recap, shall we?

This morning started bright and early: I had to be at school a bit earlier than normal because I was participating in "Instructional Rounds" today.  Essentially, a group of us went around to several different classrooms to take a "snapshot" of what was happening in regards to student/teacher engagement.  It was a really cool thing to be a part of, as I got to observe my colleagues in addition to reflecting a lot on my own practice as an educator.

But I digress.

Because I had to be at school early, I started the day at Bruegger's with - you guessed it - a Skinny Zesty Egg White Sandwich and a large hazelnut coffee.

For lunch, I inhaled another serving of crab cakes with mango/avocado salsa.  While it's definitely better the first night (i.e. while hot and crispy), it was still delicious two days later.  I also had coconut water numero uno.

After school, I (finally) worked out.  The boys and I headed to the weight room for CrossFit.  While the guys did today's workout (2000m row), I did the workout they did on Tuesday: 25 burpees, 400m run, 25 pull-ups, 400m run, 25 push-ups, 400m run, 25 pull-ups, 400m run.  I ran each mile at 6 mph or higher, so it was quite killer.


I'm pretty sure I was sweatier today than I have been in a very, very long time.

I don't know if you can tell how sweaty I truly was.  Hint: my shirt is not supposed to be that dark.  In fact, when I went to wipe the workout slobber off of my mouth (come on: you know what I'm talking about), I couldn't find a dry spot with which to do so.

Again, how do I not have a boyfriend?!

But enough with the sweat: how sweet do my shoulders look?  Yeah, I know.

(Side note: my foot still hurts like crazy, but it's not too much worse from running, so I figure if I just dope up on Ibuprofen and ice-up like it's going out of style, I shouldn't be too bad - especially since I'm running a half marathon in 37 days!!!)

As soon as I stopped sweating (like 18 hours later), I took a shower and headed to a Planned Parenthood meeting.  I just have to say: I love the women with whom I work.

On the menu for tonight was mahi-mahi with a blueberry mango salsa.  Unfortunately, my dinner date (one of my girlfriends, don't get too excited) had to cancel, and I didn't want to thaw out $7 of fish for just me.  So, since I was at Gateway for the PPYL meeting, I decided to grab some sushi (and coconut water numero dos):

Does that look like a lot of food, or what?!  I thought I was going to eat it all because I was starving when I picked it up, but when I got home and actually sat down to eat, I wasn't hungry at all.

It was weird.

So, I left three of the huge blurry pieces from the back, a piece of sashimi, and a piece of the rainbow roll for lunch tomorrow.

For dessert, I picked up a specialty bar of chocolate from Gateway.  I was hoping they had something with sea salt and caramel because I am officially addicted to those two things together, but alas, I couldn't find anything and settled for this:

Dagoba Organic Chocolate - Chai flavored.  It is "milk chocolate, crystallized ginger, and chai essence" and, obviously, sounds quite interesting.  I haven't broken into it yet, but I'm thinking I'll take a nibble before I crash for the evening (in T minus two minutes).

I hope y'all have a good night and a very happy Friday!

Peace out.

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  1. OK, you MUST head west to Trader Joe's. Coconut water there is the cheapest in town (under $4 for the big liter bottle) AND they have amazing dark chocolate/sea salt/caramel bars: 45 calories per square, best candy ever.