Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exciting Announcements

Before we get into the daily grind, I am super pumped to tell y'all about two new projects in which I'm going to be getting involved.

First, I was invited to participate in WEGO's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge.  For 30 days, I will be posting 30 entries that follow the themes/questions/ideas that WEGO Health puts forth.

I've had a preview of the writing prompts, and some are really, really great.  There are a couple that are, um, going to be interesting.

So, starting April 1st, I will post my WEGO Health updates in the morning, and I will post my normal blogs in the evening.


Great.  You really didn't have a choice anyway.  :)

Second, I was invited to participate in Monica Leonelle's blog tour for her new book, Socialpunk.

In mid-April, I will be writing an honest review of that book, interviewing Ms. Leonelle, and posting an excerpt of the novel.  It's supposed to be futuristic, and I've been told that if readers like The Hunger Games (and who doesn't?!), they'll like Socialpunk as well.

Regardless, it should be a good experience.  Stay tuned.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: Emily's Exciting Adventures.

I had an all-day training today that didn't start until 8:00 and took place right across the street, so I actually got to sleep in a little bit.  And THANK GOD.  I was so sleepy and waited until just about the last possible minute to crawl out of bed.

In fact, I dawdled so long that I - again - ate breakfast during the training:

How disgusting does this look?  This is the Stoke-Your-Fire Cereal (from the Abs Diet) that I've been telling you about for months.  Remember?  The breakfast that grosses out my kiddos?

Yep.  That's it: one cup of plain yogurt (I use Chobani), a half cup of all-bran cereal, and a mini scoop of vanilla protein powder.

It's so tasty.

During the morning session, I also ate one mini Payday bar and two fortune cookies.  I'm a sucker: if food is sitting in front of me, I'm going to eat it.

For lunch, two of my friends and I headed to Star Bar, and - as you can pretty much guess - I ordered the blackened catfish tacos with a salad, balsamic on the side:

And as always, it was delicious.  Not as always, I devoured the entire plate full of food.  Generally, I take one taco to go and have a meal for later, but today, I was starving.

So hungry, in fact, that when we stopped at Bauder's on the way back to the training, I got - and inhaled - a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  And was pretty much in heaven.  (Thanks, MB!)

During the training I received some disconcerting news, and without going into too much detail, it pretty much consumed the rest of my day.  (Don't worry, Mom: I'm a-okay.)

I didn't work out today because my tendon is screaming at me, and due to my 90 squats yesterday, my quads aren't too thrilled either.  I am hoping to get something in tomorrow, whether that be CrossFit, Y-pump, something.

After spending the majority of the evening writing, I whipped together dinner for me and BFF, courtesy of one of my mom's recipes (that I believe she snagged from someone else): scallops and pasta.

My mom is an amazing cook, and I've always loved everything she's sent to me, but this one...not so much.  Did I do it wrong, Mom?  Seriously.

I boxed up one tupperware to have for lunch at some point this week because I'm trying to conserve money and not waste food, but I tossed the rest - and will likely douse the leftovers in some sort of spice to make it not suck so badly.

After spending more quality time dealing with that aforementioned disconcerting issue (and watching The Biggest Loser and that new fashion show on NBC since I'm too lazy to change the channel), I did some more writing, and that pretty much takes us to now.

There wasn't really anything too crazy to report today.  So, you just spent the last two minutes reading about my doldrum affairs.  You're welcome.

G'night, peeps.


  1. Oh Honey. Your scallops look sad. I got the recipe from IGE who adapted it from someone else. First of all, use sea scallops - it looks like you used bay. Pat them REALLY REALLY dry, otherwise they will steam and not sear. Season them with salt and pepper. Heat your cast iron skillet over high heat, adding about 1 T olive oil and swirl. Add scallops, cooking 2 minutes on the first side and about 1.5-2 minutes on the other. Remove from pan. (They should have a good sear on them.) Turn heat to low and add 1 T butter and some chopped garlic. Cook for ten seconds and add diced or grape tomatoes. Stir them around a bit, turn heat back to high, and add a cup of white wine to deglaze and let it reduce a bit. Add several handfuls of spinach to wilt, stir your cooked pasta (4 ounces of linguine), then add your scallops back in and serve.

    1. That's pretty much what I did (minus the sea scallops that weren't "seared" enough). It was pretty much the grossest thing I've eaten, and I had to choke it down for lunch today. Blech.

    2. Well, can't hit a home run every time, I guess.