Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Did anyone else just launch into the Beatle's song?  No?  Just me?  Okay.

Well, let's talk about yesterday.  I did not like the time change - not one bit.  I couldn't fall asleep until past midnight on Sunday (largely due to talking to an old friend who just so happens to be two time zones away), and 6 a.m. came way too soon.  So, I jump-started the day the best way I know how: with a trip to Bruegger's.

I wish I hated that place.

I know I don't have to tell you (or the Bruegger's employees) my order anymore, but humor me: a skinny zesty egg-white sandwich on five-grain everything plus a large hazelnut coffee.  K thanks.

As usual, that hearty breakfast kept me stuffed until lunch - when I finished off my calamari bibimbab.

Side note #1: seafood dishes are generally much tastier the day they are prepared.

Side note #2: there wasn't a whole lot of protein in that bibimbab, which caused me to be quite hungry later that afternoon.

Crossfit yesterday was seemingly easy.  We had a 21-15-9 set of handstand push-ups (and by "handstand push-ups" I really mean normal "girl push-ups"), triceps dips, and regular push-ups (again, by "regular push-ups" I really mean normal "girl push-ups").

Initially, we thought that we only had to do 21 handstand push-ups, 15 triceps dips, and 9 normal push-ups.  Then we realized that no, we had to do 21 of all three, 15 of all three, and nine of all three.


Side note #3: I believe I am going to have to try and incorporate crazy cat lady photos in every blog post.  You can thank me in advance.

(But that's pretty funny, right?!)

After working out with S-man, I headed to Gray's Lake for a four-miler.  It was absolutely gorgeous outside - but quite windy!

Clearly I need to start bringing my actual camera - not just the crappy one on my iPhone.
I made it around the lake once (two miles) pretty easily, but there were two very brief walk breaks.  The second time around was a bit more difficult.  I made it another mile, and then thankfully, P called to say that she and her son were on their way.

Let me tell you what makes running wayyyyyyyy enjoyable: "racing" a six-year-old who's on training wheels.  We were jetting around the lake like crazy people.

And, I ended up doing about 4.8 miles in a little less than an hour.

Also, we saw bald eagles.  Check this out:

Seriously: a real camera would come in very handy in times like these.
If you look on the branch sticking out into the blue (descriptive, I know), you can see a dark brown speck.  That's the bald eagle.

I swear it was a lot closer in real life.

Fun fact: bald eagles' nests are approximately five feet in diameter.  I demonstrated this to the six-year-old by lying down in the middle of the trail and telling him that the nest would stretch from my nose to my toes.  He was pretty impressed.  Or at least a good actor.

For dinner last night, I whipped up a double batch of white chili.  A good friend had a loss in the family, so I brought him dinner and kept two servings for myself.  It was, as usual, delicious.

And that, my friends, was yesterday.

Stay tuned, and in another couple of hours you can see a recap of today.  It will be - of course - hugely entertaining.

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