Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Before anything else, I have to tell you about my workout for today.  It pumped me up.

First, I did Crossfit with the boys.

Side note: I absolutely love these guys.  S-man has always been my brother-from-another-mother, and O and I have been friends for several years, but we've definitely been bonding a lot more over these crazy workouts.  Today when we were getting ready and stretching and wandering down to the weight room, S-man said that I was pretty much his third sister, and since O said he didn't have any siblings, we decided that we were a good little trio.

Today we did five rounds of the following:
  • Seven dumbbell clean squat thrusters (squat to pick up the dumbbells, thrust them to your chest as you stand up, squat again, thrust them straight over your head as you stand up)
  • Ten pull-ups
For the first exercise, I used 15-pound dumbbells for the first three sets, and then I moved up to 20-pound dumbbells for the last two.

I was a sweatin' girl!

For the pull-ups, we first had our hands super wide, then we gripped underhand, then we gripped overhand, then we gripped central (there were bars that were perpendicular to the normal pull-up bar that we used), then we gripped wide again.  We used the machine that assists, and for the first three sets, I did "eight weights up" from the bottom, and for the last two sets I did "nine weights up" from the bottom.

(Clearly, I have no idea what that means, but I know that the higher you have the stick-thing, the harder the pull-ups are.  I think I need to actually keep going up, though: while my pull-ups definitely weren't cake, I don't think they were hard enough.)

Someday, I will do an unassisted pull-up.

After Crossfit, I went to Y-Pump with HMA.  It was a tough class, and I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

In case you were wondering, this is pretty much the hardest hamstring exercise ever:

Don't believe me?  Go.

Now, let's rewind.  I started my day bright and early by heading to Bruegger's for a Skinny Zesty Egg-White Sandwich and a cup of hazelnut coffee.  I'm telling you: try one of these sandwiches.  They are so, so good - and, they keep me full forever!

Instead of teaching today, I had an all-day training provided by the grant that I coordinate.  And that's all I have to say about that.

I will tell you, however, that lunch was disgusting.  We started out with a decent Caesar salad that was pretty much swimming in watery dressing (wow, I must've been a bit hungry if it was "decent") and a Fazoli-ish breadstick.  Then we got the main dish: bow-tie pasta topped with plasticky Alfredo sauce and pan-fried chicken.  I ate about three bites before deciding that I did not want to waste that amount of calories on something that tasted like that.

Note to self: always bring a Kind bar, an apple, some almonds, something - and a book.

After, my principal (who is pretty much a rock star and one of the most amazing women I know - and I'm not just saying that because she gave me a Dove chocolate after lunch) and I headed back to school for a faculty meeting.  Thankfully, there were treats - you know, since I basically didn't eat lunch.  I ate a chocolate cookie and a bite of a pumpkin bar.


Then there were the two workouts to burn off those sweet treats, followed by a trip to Palmer's for my Wednesday night meal of salad and fruit.

From there, I immediately went to bowling - for my Wednesday night drink of Bud Light.  Tonight was fun, largely since I bowled really well.  I got my average all three games and bowled almost my best game ever.  (I can't believe I just typed those last two sentences: I am such a nerd.)

Also, we play cards while we bowl (there are lots of rules that I'm not going to go into here), and check out the last hand in poker:

Mark and I had the exact. same. hand.  I'm pretty sure that happens, like, never.  So, we split the winnings and each won ONE DOLLAR.

Be jealous.

Today, I did not step foot in my house for 14 hours.  I am exhausted.

So, I am going to sign off and hit the sack.

Peace out, yo.

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