Monday, March 26, 2012

An Anatomy Lesson

I already wrote you a somewhat entertaining (at least to me) post today, so for your Daily Recap of Emily's Life, be prepared for boring.

Well, as boring as I can be.  I tend to think I'm quite fun.

This morning came far too early.  I mean, it's the first time I set an alarm clock in 10 days - aside from those days I had to, you know, catch a plane and get off a boat.

But, instead of hitting snooze 18 times like I normally do, I hopped right out of bed (after three snoozes) and threw some stuff in a blender:

Looks beautiful, huh?

Well, it took forever to liquify.  I think I need a new blender.  (How boring do I sound?)

As you can see, I brought the Mango Tango (courtesy of the Abs Diet) to school with me for breakfast/mid-morning snack.  It was pretty darn tasty.

After a productive morning and noontime (and, okay, about ten peanut M&Ms), I realized I had totally forgotten to eat lunch.  So, I chowed down my salad - topped with black bean and corn salsa (that my family calls Bev's Salsa for our lovely friend who introduced us to it) and a sprinkling of cheese - during a meeting.

Because, you know, I'm classy like that.

After PROUD, I headed to the weight room to do the Crossft WOD with my work-brother.  Today we had a 21 and then 15 and then 9 reps of kettlebell squats and kettlebell swings.  While we were in the weight room, I didn't really think it was that great a workout.  I mean, I was sweaty and everything, but my muscles didn't feel super fatigued.

That was until, however, we started walking the stairs to our classrooms.


Apparently 90 squats really do make a difference.

Then I made a mistake: I ran.  HLM and I were supposed to get in 4.5 miles, but I told her I wanted to do more like two since my foot was an absolute wreck.  Like, it hurts to put pressure on my foot, and it also hurts to release that pressure - if that makes any sense.

Since I'm totally qualified to diagnose myself, I'm pretty sure I have peroneal tendonitis (affecting the peroneus longus and/or peroneus brevis tendons).

Tendonitis is pretty much my favorite injury to get, and since that area is extremely point-tender and is quite swollen, making it look like I don't really have an ankle bone - a lateral malleolus, if you will - I'm pretty sure that's what it is.

I bet you didn't know you were in for an anatomy lesson, did you?  (Well, unless you read the title of this post.)

You're welcome.

So, I probably shouldn't have run at all.  Oh well.  Nothing a case of little Ibuprofen and ice can't fix.

As soon as I had Round One of icing, I started dinner.  I was having two girlfriends over for our favorite meal: crab cakes with an avocado-mango salsa.

No wonder groceries are so expensive: check out the produce needed for just the main course tonight.
I had nearly everything ready to go by the time Mags rolled up, and when Kiara said she couldn't make it, threw everything else together (with Mags concocting the side dish) and came up with quite the masterpiece.

Seriously.  How delicious does this look?  Oh, and it's healthy: 400 calories for that mound of deliciousness.  And really, the picture doesn't do it justice: you all need to make this meal.  Stat.

Side note: I substituted Greek yogurt for the mayonnaise in the crab cake mixture.  Also, I approximated all of the measurements because I was too lazy to take out the measuring spoons.

It was such a great night with Mags.  We had sooooooooo much to catch up on and, as always, had a blast doing it.

And now that I've spent the better part of two hours writing, I had better hit the hay.

Check ya lata, yo.

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